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Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift Ideas : Freshen up drawers with heart-shaped sachets. Cut two heart shapes out of your favorite fabric, place printed sides facing each other, and sew edges, leaving space to add filling. Then fill with potpourri, stitch up, and enjoy!
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : Who can resist a winsome wreath made with pink peonies?
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : To create a homemade Rosette Pin cut a bandanna into eight equal-sized squares. Stack squares, turning each one at a slight angle, to create "petals." Pinch center and twist; secure with a few stitches. Insert a safety pin at the flower's base to pin to clothes.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : Create a Yellow Polka-Dot Dress by using paper circles, pinned on the fabric, as a guide. Stitch around the circumference to make perfectly round dots, like on this slip.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : DIY a classic Yo-Yo Collar to your cardigans with the help of an actual Yo-Yo.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : Cluster pink peonies and tulips, red roses, and chartreuse verbena in an oversized square vase wrapped in striped and polka-dotted ribbons. Hot-glue the backs of the ribbons and adhere them to the vase (or substitute heavy-duty double-faced tape).
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : This handy Carry-All Bag craft can double as a laundry bag or a safe place to stash delicates when traveling. Or fill with knitting supplies - needles and yarn fit neatly inside.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : Create a Lace Doily Handbag of any size for a sophisticated bag you can use any day of the week.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : Transform boring flats into beautiful Ribbon Shoes by using a hot-glue gun to attach a bright taffeta ribbon to the toe.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas : Create a Knotted Belt by cutting 4-inch-wide strips from a bandanna (you'll need three or more, depending on your waist size). Fold strips in thirds lengthwise, then knot the strips together at ends. For texture, add extra knots and make a rag bloom by tying fabric remnants together with ribbon.

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