Gifts : How to make a collage with photos?

Make a collage with photographs is a good way to decorate. They can be made in frames, in the cork itself in the children’s room or even to cover that horrible picture of lights that we all have at home. The first thing we need is to develop the photos as we have always done and now we can use thephoto development onlineby Hofmann.

For ours, I chose a theme, our last trip to London. We went with the children and we had a great time, it was one of those trips that cost you a great price, just before Christmas. A trip that never happens to you again.

Why should you make a collage?

The good of the collages of photos, from my point of view, is that you not only have to put photos, but nowadays there are many accessories of scrapbooking or papers that can help us decorate our collage in a fun and original way.

Another benefit they have is that you can do it as a family, with the children, they can let their imagination run wild and put a sticker here, a zeal there, etc.

The Royal Spanish Academy say what Collage is the tpictorial technique consisting of pasting various materials on canvas or board. Ignoring the pictorial, you see where the shots go.

collage with photos

Come on, you can do whatever you want and if you have children, this already becomes a perfect maxim to enjoy an afternoon with the family; not only pasting photos here and there, but also remembering the great trip you did.

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Tools to create your own collage

Well let’s go to the mess, what you will need for the collage:

  • A board, or any rigid support.
  • Revealed photos of what you want, on a specific topic or on different ones, to the consumer’s taste.
  • Jealousy, ribbons, letters, cool papers, markers, stickers, etc., anything goes.
  • A lot of imagination.

A few little tips before you get down to it.

  • Select the photographs well according to the space you have.
  • Do not paste them directly, the kids are very given to that (quick, come on, mom glued this here!). And it turns out that he puts it in the middle and then to see how we can put the rest.

collage with photos

Put all the photos and accessories you want as if it were finished but without gluing, in case you don’t like something and you want to change it.

  • If you make the collage with the little ones in the house, do not pretend that everything turns out perfect, the ideal is that they do everything, with a little help, but you do not know the face of satisfaction of “I did this”, that face it is … pure life.

And once we have everything (un) ordered as we like, now yes, we paste, paint, draw and whatever we want.

As the time we went to London was Christmas, you will see that the chosen roles are very Christmas. This was our result!

collage with photos

Encourage yourself to do something like this as a family, I assure you a fun and creative afternoon. I hope that you will show us your canvases later.

I want a collage with Hofmann photos

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