Gifts : 10 photos that cannot be missing from your London album

Hey! Are you going on a trip to London? How lucky you are!

The one that was the capital of the world is amazing, If it is the first time you go, calm down because it will not be the last.

In each of the visits that you are sure to do, you will see, smell and hear different things. So your albums won’t have anything to do with each other, and that’s really cool.

For now we are going with what you have to do if it is the first time. That list that is given by a superior force and from which you have to cross out if you want to fulfill as a good person. The must, come on.

10 most photographed places in London

The Big Ben

photos in london

The quintessential British symbol should be, if not the first, one of the first things to get a green tick on the list. It is very photographic, but If you go a little further away and also capture the Parliament, you will have one of the photos of the year.

Covent Garden

photos in london - covent garden

An old market full of color is already to take out the camera at least. If you see all the atmosphere, the shops and places to eat of all kinds and the good vibes that are breathed, you will run out of film.

Picadilly Circus

photos in london - picadilly

Like Sol in Madrid, there is everyone. Now, we change the street artists for luminous ones and you have the most London square in the world with tourists, pedestrians, those who work by area, typical taxis and even more typical buses.

Bridget Jones’s house

Bridget is one of the most charismatic characters in British culture and the house where she lived has even more. At 8 Bedale Street, next to the London Bridge, you have this movie house.

The Abbey Road zebra crossing

photos in london

It is not just any one, through which thousands of people pass every day. No. This is the zebra crossing that comes out on the mythical cover of the album “Abbey Road” by the Beatles.

If you wake up every morning with the twist and shout on your head, you have to go.

Banksy’s Tunnel

London is full of museums, but the biggest it has is street art, where Banksy does what he wants. In fact on the street Leake Street It has an exhibition of more than 300 meters that you can enjoy as it deserves because it has been cut to traffic.

The statue of Amy Winehouse

Neighbor of Camdem TownAmy has been one of the last voices that the UK gave to the world. Four years ago he died and what less than to make him a statue in his neighborhood. When you go there and live that moment, you will make one in your heart.

Peter Pan from Hyde Park

photos in london

The Hyde Park thing is very strong. The perfect photo is there. Get lost among green meadows, trees, lakes, squirrels and suddenly find a statue of Peter Pan close to the shore of The Long Water.

Notting Hill Bookstore

A neighborhood where everything can be photographed but the most cinephiles will have their clear prey: the Notting Hill bookstore: in Portobello Road 142. If you see shoes inside, don’t be scared, it is what it really is.

London bridge tower

photos in london

Two castles of princesses, princes, good and bad, in the middle of a drawbridge that takes your breath away. We dare not say if it is more cool at night or during the day … Well, at night, at night.

Definitely, London is one of those cities that deserves a Hofmann.

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