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If you are reading this it is because you have a Baby Shower in sight and, yes or yes, you want it to be a fun party. Whether you organize it yourself or if it is a surprise party, at Hofmann we want it to be a success.

recommendations🔮When you organize games for a baby shower, the most important thing is to take into account the number of guests who are going to attend the party and have enough materials so that all of you can participate. Anyway, it is always advisable to bring extra material and maintain the attitude of “just in case” that always comes in handy.

1. Fishing pacifiers

We love this game and, without a doubt, it belongs on the list of original games for a baby shower that you cannot miss.

The players should put a toothpick in their mouth and, without using their hands, should try to pick up as many pacifiers as possible from a table. The winner will be the one who catches the highest number in the allotted time. It depends on how many people participate, you can do several rounds and write down the number of pacifiers that each one catches in each round.


  • Long chopsticks, such as chopsticks (at least 20 cm).
  • Pacifiers (with a ring large enough at the top so that the toothpick can go inside).

2. The puzzle of ultrasound

For this game, a recent ultrasound of the baby is printed on a puzzle. Normally, for people who are not used to seeing them, it is difficult to identify each part of the body, especially when they are in black and white.

Spread the pieces out on the table and give them 10-15 minutes to gather all the pieces. TIC Tac!


  • Puzzle with the image of an ultrasound.
  • Alarm (you can use the mobile one).

Make an ultrasound photo puzzle

3. How big is Mom’s belly?

Guess the riddle… With a skein of wool or thread, ask the guests to cut a piece with the length they think corresponds to the circumference of the future mother’s belly. The one that comes closest wins!


  • Skein of wool or yarn
  • Scissors

4. Who is who?

Within our list of games for mixed baby shower, this could be a really fun one for everyone, take note!

In advance, ask your guests and guests for a photo of when they were babies. On the day of the baby shower, hang them up in a visible area and list them. Each participant will have to write on a piece of paper the name of the person they think is the baby in the photo and its corresponding number to avoid confusion. Whoever guesses them all wins!


  • Baby photos of guests
  • Sheets
  • Pens or pencils

Reveal pictures of your baby friends

5. Tie your shoes like mom

We continue with more fun baby shower games!

This time, the aim of the game is to tie your shoes with a pregnant belly and… it’s not easy! Again, the guests will have to place a balloon under their shirt and try to tie their shoes, you are going to laugh a lot!


  • Balloons

6. Secret message in the diaper

This is the perfect game for creativity and imagination! Ask your guests to write a funny message on a diaper package (forbidden to read them until it is time for the baby to put it on). You have to give them the freedom to put what they want (funny or cute).


  • Diapers
  • Colored markers

7. The most “embarrassing” Twister

Whether you are looking games for boy baby shower As a girl, the Twister is perfect for all occasions. This game It is already super fun, but imagine playing it with extra difficulty: the participants have to simulate the future mother, placing a pillow or a balloon on her belly.

Whoever manages to stand up wins. Don’t forget to record everything!


  • Twister game
  • Balloons or cushions

8. Who drinks the fastest from the bottle?

If you are looking for more baby shower games for men and women this one is ideal and very very funny.

Make sure to buy as many bottles as guests go to the baby shower and fill them with soda, water, juice … (whatever comes to mind). You must give a bottle to each player, make two teams and after 3, 2, 1… the game begins!

The first player on each team must finish drinking the contents of their bottle and when they finish, the next participant on their team will follow. The team that finishes faster will win.

Idea💡: the game is even more fun if you sit on a chair and have your arms behind your back so as not to hold the bottle.


  • Baby bottles (as many as there are participants)
  • Drinks

9. To eat blind!

For those who are hungry… this is your game! It is also the ideal game if the future dad participates in the party.

With her eyes covered, the mother has to feed Dad but … without staining it! To make it more dynamic and fun, you can put music and a maximum time to do it. At the same time, other couples will do the same and whoever finishes eating first will win. It is not worth cheating!


  • Blindfolds
  • Food (yogurt, waste chocolate, juice …)
  • Bibs

10. Plasticine babies

Have guests show off their sculpting skills by making playdough babies. It will be even more fun if you give prizes by categories such as:

– The most anatomically correct

– The creepiest

– The funniest

– The most elegant

– The one that least looks like a baby


  • Plastelina

eleven. Advice book

Although this is not exactly a baby shower game we love the idea 😀.

Have guests write their words of wisdom on cards or pieces of paper and keep them in envelopes or a notebook for future moms and dads. You can distribute them at the beginning of the party or leave them on a prepared table so that everyone can take their time and do it throughout the celebration.


  • Pens, pencils
  • Papers or cards
  • Envelopes or notebook

12. Who gets the prize?

As in any other party, at your baby shower you cannot miss a prize and it will be very sweet.

We suggest that you fill a giant bottle with candies and have the guests guess how many there are. The person who comes closest takes the giant bottle home.


  • Giant bottle
  • Candies (sweets, chocolates, sweets)

Idea💡: if you want to give more than one joy, you can reward the 3 people who have come closest to the correct number. The second prize can be, for example, a bottle of Cava and the third a bouquet of flowers.

13. Who dressed my baby better?

This game is a classic and also ideal if you are looking for more games for mixed baby shower. You will need two baby dolls, diapers and clothes (bodysuits, T-shirts, leggings, hats, etc.) and two people will duel each turn.

Start with the future parents and see who will be the best dressing the little one. To make it more dynamic, leave only 3 minutes to do it… Who will do it faster?


  • Baby clothes
  • Two dolls
  • Diapers

14. Wipes Championship

You can’t always use both hands when you’re changing your baby, so ask your friends to demonstrate their skill by trying to get just one out of a packet of wipes. It has nothing to easily!

To complicate it a bit more, they will have to do it with the opposite hand to the one they usually handle. The winner is the one who manages to remove only one wipe. If there is a tie, rounds will be made until there is only one winner.


  • Wipes

15. Baby photo booth!

To finish our list of baby shower games, we couldn’t say goodbye without our fondest memories. At the end of the party, gather all your guests and take a fun group photo. They can come out dressed up in baby clothes and accessories, their prizes and all the bottles!

Idea 💡: Choose the best photo of all and make a copy for each of the guests, it will be the perfect memory

Give a souvenir photo

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