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Hanging photographs in our home is a perfect way to decorate. We will fill the empty spaces with a lot of moments and they will continually bring great memories to our minds.

Now there is super original ways to do it so that, in addition to remembering those moments, we do it in a fun way and attract the attention of the guests who come home. We propose you a very different way to hang your photos: with clips! You just need a little creativity, imagination to give it your personal touch and develop your photos (do it here from Hofmann, order them now from your mobile!). Also now you can order the retro photos with clips and box included. Do not wait more!

I want to develop my photos

Here are our favorite ideas for hanging photos with clothespins!

Disc with message

Is always a good idea to group your photos by themes: vacations, stay with friends, family meals, photos of our pet … This idea is great to group one of these themes. You just have to cut out a piece of cardboard On which we will write the text we want, such as “summer holidays 2019”. We will catch colored tweezers (you can order your development kit with the extra pins), we glue the photograph to the end with which we press to open the clamp and, in turn, hook it to the disk. It is a super original idea! We also suggest you paint the wooden clothespins with the colors you want so that they are all one color, for example, or alternate.

Tweezers on tape measure

Another option that we love is glue a tape measure to the wall. The more used and older it is, the better the effect will be. On it we glue tweezers that we can decorate as we want, although the unpainted and used wooden ones will give a super touch vintage to our gallery. Using several strips of tape measure and putting different galleries together will enhance the effect.

decorate low cost house with photos

Baby’s first months in tweezers

We love taking pictures all the time, but one of the times when this hobby intensifies is when a baby arrives in the family. A perfect idea to decorate your room is create a gallery with tweezers of your first few months. To give it a sweeter touch, it is best use a colored ribbon and cut out cardboard with children’s motifs. We will place a card for your first newborn photograph and, from there, one for each month until we want. The ideal is to have at least the first 12 months to see how it grows. Behind these cards we will stick some small clips with which we will hold the photographs. Parents will love to review the evolution of their little one and it will be a precious detail to give as a gift.

Photo frame with clips for the couple

Be it Valentine’s Day or not, because we already know that you have to have details every day of the year, surely with your partner you have a series of very special photographs that should be visible and not, as usually happens, in the gallery of your mobile. For this idea, you can search a board or a cork, on which to stick a cardboard decorated with your hearts or phrases, your initials … and traverse with a rope from end to end. On this rope we will place the clips as if we were going to hang the clothes, but their place will be those super cute of the two. ☺ A gallery full of love!

Super frame with clamps

Photographs have traditionally been hung in frames. As well, let’s use an empty frame to create a gallery. Place several strings from end to end and on them place clips with which to hold the photos. A simple idea that mix the most traditional with one of the most current trends.

Photos hung with clips and lots of light!

This idea goes further. It consists of hanging luminous garlands on the wall and using the cable as a rope to place the photographs on the clips. It is a perfect idea to give even more use to your gallery and light up a room.

Besides these ideas there are many more, as we saw in our post of incredible ideas to decorate the walls with photographs. Always ropes of different materials can be added or the clamps can be further customized, painting them with special motifs to create a unique corner.

decorate house with photos

Also, if you are one of those who accumulate photos and photos on your mobile, it is a good time to give the most special ones the place they deserve! Print them at Hofmann with the best quality and the best prices.

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