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Saving all your photos well organized in a photo album is a plus of comfort and benefits for you and your memory. We just want to explain the different photo albums that exist and make a simple analysis of the options that exist in the market.

What is a photo album?

A photo album is a book where you can organize your best moments and your memories physically or online, where you can put your heart in it and can transport you to past moments just by immersing yourself in its pages.

But what do you need to make a good photo album? The first thing is to have all the photos organized and ready to place them inside the album you want. You need to feel like, have creativity and time to make a creation that lasts forever. You have to know what kind of album you want; in what format and size and how many photos you are going to place on it. An album for your silver wedding is not the same as an album of your holiday in Mallorca.

You must choose the paper you want to use, the type of opening, the budget you want to invest in this treasure of memories, etc; and although all this seems very complicated it is not, we tell you the differences.

What is the difference between album and book

In the table below, we show you the main differences between a photo album and a photobook so you can choose the one that suits you best according to your objective.

differences between album and photos

Traditional or digital printed photo album

photo album buying guide

The traditional albums They have been around for years. Who hasn't seen these albums we all have at home? Of course, all the photographs used to have the same size and format and the development was a rite. Go to the store with the reel, pray that they were well done and surprise you with the result. Today, we have unseated the album printed by folders of lost photos on the computer. Don't you miss the availability and speed of reaching out and reaching for photos of your trips, your vacations or your childhood?

Within the different types of album there is also the digital format album which adapts the size of the photographs to the pages; having the possibility to choose the format, the number of photos per page, captions and everything you want. In addition, the difference with analog printing is that you will not have to enlarge any photo after it is revealed, in the process of creating your album you can choose the sizes you want.

Photo album sizes

The size of the photo album should be chosen in accordance with the photographs you want to put on it. If you prefer small photos, you can choose a Smartalbum, if you want landscape photos the best thing could be a square Maxi. We leave you the measurements of our albums and photo books so you can compare yourself and decide.

Photo album formats

Opening your album

Opening your photo album will make you see the photos 100% or as a normal book; We have these two options.

◘ Opening of 180: This panoramic opening is ideal for our landscape photographs, or to put the double-page photos on the same page, it is also known as Lay Flat.
◘ Classic opening (Photo books): it is the opening that we find in all normal books.

Cover of your album / Types of covers

The covers are a very important part of your album; It is the wrapper to a world of photos and memories. The cover is the first thing we are going to see before opening the album, you have to take into account what images you are going to use, what title and what material. You can choose between two types of covers, one more rigid and one softer and padded.

photo album covers

Paper types in your album and print format

Now that you have all the photos chosen; You have included the captions you wanted and you have adjusted your photos on each page, you just have to decide what kind of paper you want to use in your album.

paper type photo album

The printing difference is in the paper used and in the form of printing. The digital printing is done with 500 gr / m² coated paper with a glossy finish and the photographic printing, as the name implies, is made on an anti-fingerprint photo paper. The thickness of the sheets is approximately 0.8 mm if it has up to 33 pages, and 0.45 from 34 pages.

  1. Photographic paper: with more vibrant and real colors and greater wear resistance.
  2. Standard paper: 118 g / m².
  3. Digital printing paper: Premium paper and rigid sheets of 500 g / m².
  4. Glossy paper: Also known as couché paper is a bright and very smooth paper, with absence of pores and great softness.
  5. Anti-fingerprint paper: only exists in the premium version.

Types of photo album we offer

Once you are clear about the type of album you are looking for, we show you the albums we have available at Hofmann

photo album - which one is better

one. Vertical photo album: 180 ° opening and size 21 x 29 cm. It has no limit of photos per page and you can create from 18 to 122 pages.
2. Smartalbum: With different sizes this small album is ideal for your mobile photos as they will be placed automatically. It has 24 to 48 pages.
3. Maxi photo album: Our square format album is ideal to let your imagination run wild and to print your most spectacular photos in this giant size.
Four. Landscape album: With a 180 ° aperture, this photo album is perfect for landscape photos. If you have awesome photographs of your vacation, this is your album.
5. Professional photo paper album: With an anti-fingerprint paper, it has a capacity of 18 to 98 pages. This album is ideal for great moments.
6. Baby album: Perfect for babies to use because of the rigidity of the pages and their rounded corners; Contains easily washable pages for when stained.
7. Premium Album: The ideal album for weddings, baptisms and communions. Anti-fingerprint photo paper and tissue bag to transport it.

I want to create my photo album

How to create a photo album

➞Choose your photo album ➞ Choose your photos and texts ➞ Add your extra options and paper type

To create your album you can create it from automatically choosing the model you want and uploading the photos to the album automatically sorting on the pages, then add text.
You can also do it manually, choosing each design and background per page, deciding which photos go on which page and adding illustrations and texts wherever you want.

Whatever your choice, we guarantee it will be a good choice. If you want to start with your album, we advise you to take a look at this tutorial that we have created for you on “how to create your own photo album”.


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