Gifts : 5 ideas to decorate your living room with photos

The living room is the part of our house where we try to be more careful with the decoration and where we receive visitors. Therefore, placing the photos of which we are most proud in our living room will be a perfect way to expose them, enjoy and show them off.

Today we give you some tricks so that your living room decoration with your favorite photos is perfect for you.

How to decorate your living room with photos

Ideas for putting photos in the living room: black and white

If you are a lover of black and white photos, you will love this idea. Reveal your favorite photos and put them in frames to hang on the wall. You can choose several images in small sizes, or make enlargements and place a few but in a larger size. The advantage of this idea is that fits in practically all types of decoration, so it sure is perfect for your living room.

decorate living room with photos

I want to develop my photos

How to decorate the walls of a living room: photos without frames

If your style is more modern, you can try developing your photos and sticking them on cardboard to hang them with clips on bars or cables on the wall. The presentation will be more casual and original. In this way you can decorate an empty wall giving a lot of dynamism to your living room. You can leave more or less space between the photos so that you can insert more at any given time. It is an idea to have the photos that are most special for you in view and to be able to add or remove as you have more.

decorate with photos

How to decorate your living room with photos: canvases

A more elegant option is to decorate your living room with your favorite photos in canvas format. With Hofmann you can develop your photos on canvas and thus decorate the walls of your living room in a very elegant way. It is, without a doubt, a perfect way if the decoration style that you like the most is simple or minimalist. Choose your favorite photo and make it chair your living room. It is the perfect time to choose an image of that trip that you remember so much, or a family photo. The one that you like the most and makes you smile the most! For a video on how to easily create your canvas, click here.

decorate living room with photos

I want to make my canvas

On a piece of furniture

We don’t always have to put photos on the wall. Surely in your living room there is a perfect piece of furniture for you to pose your most special photos on it. You can reveal the ones you like the most and choose frames that adapt to the style of the decoration: in light colors, in a baroque style, in different colors … As you prefer!

decorate living room with photos

Wooden blocks with photos

You can also give an elegant touch to your living room with your photos in wooden blocks and place them on a piece of furniture or a shelf. With Hofmann you can develop your photos on wooden blocks in different sizes, in color or in black and white and play to create a different space. Why had this original idea not occurred to you?

decorate living room with photos

I want to create my block

As you can see, any idea is good to have an excuse that makes you reveal your favorite photos and be able to keep them forever while enjoying them every time you enjoy your living room.

Ideas to decorate your living room in summer

Summer is the time of year when we can enjoy our home the most, in almost all cases, because it is the time to enjoy the holidays and although we want to be outside, we can also enjoy those relaxing days in which the clock just mark the hours.

Our house is constantly evolving, just like our wardrobe change, the decoration changes with it. We put aside the more sober textiles, knitted blankets and cushions and other fabrics to make way for lighter fabrics and lighter colors. In addition to that, we forget the famous drawers of cushions and blankets to create spaces full of charm.

Today we bring you a great idea to create a summer corner in your living room. It’s time to enjoy a good book or simply take the time to accompany a good cup of coffee.

We suggest you decorate a corner of the living room using a Canvas or an Adhesive Picture with one of your favorite travel photographs. Travel is for many a time of disconnection and they are always used to capture those moments that we want to remain in our lives forever.

Here are some tips to keep your summer decor right:

  • Use light colors on the walls. White is the most used in summer apartments for giving a feeling of spaciousness. You can combine it with blues or greens to achieve a dynamic space.
  • Cotton or linen curtains. Change the thick winter ones and bring more freshness to your living room at this time.
  • Neutral, low-rise furniture. Use shelves without a back to promote ventilation in the house.
  • Set up a relaxation or reading area like the one we show you above. Mix a comfortable armchair with a floor lamp and place it near a window for natural light as well.
  • Change your paintings or photographs for others more in keeping with the time. The sea, palm trees or sunsets are the most used motifs in a summer decoration.

Decorating with photographs is not only a very useful resource, the result is personal and personal. In addition, it fills us with memories and turns, as you can see in today’s photos, a reading corner into a space full of personality and with great value not only aesthetic but also sentimental.

Do you change the decoration of your living room in summer?

How to decorate a living room in winter

The best thing about winter is the warm and cozy atmosphere, those rainy and cold Sundays in which we enjoy more than ever a hot chocolate on the sofa at home with our favorite blanket.

Today we are going to see how to achieve that warm and unique atmosphere with some simple deco tips to decorate a living room in winter and create an atmosphere full of charm.

How to decorate the living room in February: textiles

Fill your sofa with cushions, if you like the basics like black and white, gray or earth colors, you can use them all the seasons of the year and you can make many combinations with them.

Now we can afford knitted or wool cushions, which look great in this season of the year both in rocking chairs and on the sofa. If you like basic colors you can always combine gray and white with black, if on the contrary you want to add a note of color, mustard or mint (mint green) are two of the most trendy colors this season.

It is the time of the rugs, well in the sofa area, as in the dining room, a rug is synonymous with warmth. If, on the other hand, you do not want to have a rug on the floor, you can put it on top of the sofa or chairs, currently there are quite a few proposals for small natural hair or false hair rugs that are a low-cost and helpful resource to get warmth.

It is best to look for a quality-price solution. If you want something practical and useful there are many rugs that are washable in the washing machine, in fact these types of rugs are plain or with patterns, such as chevrons or stars. Always in basic and neutral colors such as gray, white and black or the earth range.

Blankets, there is nothing better than enjoying a blanket and movie moment in winter, so don’t be shy and combine it with the rest of the decoration. When not in use, you can store it in natural fiber baskets or antique drawers.

decorate living room with photos

What kind of blanket is the best? That already goes to tastes or “heat”, there are from hair and polar fiber to other more finite or plaids. Be that as it may, it is advisable that they can be easily washed and that they be in basic colors so that they easily adapt to the rest of the decoration.

The light

In winter it gets dark earlier, so we can “abuse” candles everywhere. In addition to a totally sustainable light and cheaper than electric, it creates a charming atmosphere that you can accompany with sheets or black and white photos, such as the methacrylate painting by Hofmann.

If, on the other hand, you prefer artificial light, you can also put garlands of lights, table or floor lamps in different corners. They create a warm and also ambient light. One way to save is to use LED lighting, so consumption is no longer a problem.

In addition to this, and totally outside the season that we are in, we can also update our living room with different chair covers in darker colors, with materials such as canvas and curtains or blinds that do not let the sun pass but if the light (screen ).

And to finish … A BEAUTIFUL FIREPLACE, if you are lucky enough to have one, it is undoubtedly the most significant element of winter.

What do you think of these ideas to decorate in winter? Do you like winter or are you more of a warm season to enjoy at home?

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