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How to make a backpack with custom ropes


If you want to create a personalized backpack with your own photos, do not hesitate to download the free Hofmann program and start creating yours.

We have two versions, a 34 x 49cm sack bag and the bag of the Ideal snack for children to take their snack to school, with a size of 28 x 20cm.

Steps to create an online backpack

  1. Have the free Hofmann program for Windows installed on your computer
  2. Know what photos or images you want to put in it
  3. Choose the size of the backpack
  4. Start designing it and add backgrounds, texts and cliparts to it
  5. Choose the address where you want to receive it

If you need to see the process of how create your own backpack, we have created a video tutorial to help you at every step.

Video tutorial to create a backpack bag

What to put in a custom backpack?

If you need help creating your own backpack or don't know It's what images you want to put on it, let yourself be inspired by us. You can put:

  • A drawing of your children scanned
  • Photos of some landscape that you liked and that you have in your camera
  • Flower patterns that you find on the internet
  • Take a drawing of the program and paste many Sometimes, creating the same pattern
  • A neutral colored background with the name of your children
  • A photo of your friends
  • A photo of a painting you like very much
  • Transform a photo of you into a painting and put it in your backpack

Whatever it is, you are going to create an original and unique backpack that nobody can have.

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