Gifts : Ideas to decorate your table at Christmas and New Year’s Eve

When Christmas comes, it seems like we live somewhere else. This is because everything is decorated, everything is decorated with a more than recognizable style.

When we say everything, we mean everything, not just the facades of certain shopping centers. Any corner of your house can change its appearance and it is not worth planting the tree in the living room with a few ornaments.

Inside a house, you have to highlight some places over others. So, we wonder, where does the best of these dates happen? In the table.

Lunches and dinners are the star events these days and, therefore, our tables deserve special treatment. Next, we are going to give you some ideas for decorate the table at Christmas and that your guests are left with their mouths open.

How to decorate the Christmas table

Red, the color of Christmas

christmas table

In case you didn’t know, red is one of the quintessential colors of Christmas. A red table brings that warmth to everything it covers. With red, you will not fail and people will want to be at the table for hours.

White, Nordic inspiration

christmas table decoration

Christmas, snow, fir trees … Everything is very Nordic, so we are going to take advantage of the white color, which simulates snow and evokes wanting to be at home and elegance.

Customize the Christmas table

customize christmas table

Just as traditional as it is to have dinner with the family on the 24th is to respect where each one is sitting. To do this, you can do cool things like the ones you have above or you can print photos of each guest and put their photo hanging with rope.

Print guest photos

Snowman shaped plates

personalized christmas table

There is nothing more sympathetic at Christmas than the snowman. We are going to take advantage of the plates so that, with the napkins, the cutlery and something else, we can design these pleasant gentlemen as guests at our table.

Little details that matter

christmas table details

Everything adds up and, as we have said before, everything is decorable. Napkins, cutlery … Let your imagination fly.

Kilometric tables

christmas tables decoration

If we are lucky enough to have a fairly large (and fun) family, and a table to put them all in, we can play tricks.

Some different starters

christmas tables original decoration

One of the most anticipated moments, snacking, can also have its Christmas vibe and be even more appetizing.

Put the same affection as a present to the table decoration at Christmas and each celebration will multiply by 10.

Ideas to decorate a table for the end of the year dinner

After resting the food on Christmas Eve and Christmas, New Year’s Eve arrives with its New Year’s Eve dinner. Say goodbye to a very special year as a family and with the advice of Boho Deco and make the decoration on that night unique.

How to prepare the table for the end of the year dinner

There is nothing better than preparing a table for the end of the year decorated for the occasion and full of details to share with the people you love.

Decorating the New Year's Eve table

Our table is very Christmas, with colors like red, white, green and of course, the Golden, a trend color that will give a lot to talk about after the holidays.

Decorate the New Year's Eve table

Decorate the table in a simple way and make the guests the protagonists

The main idea was to do something simple but that our guests sit protagonists, that is why we have marked each site with its name and a nice napkin holder ornament very simple to do: a green branch and a red star ornament to give it a more symbolic touch.

Decorating the New Year's Eve table

Decorating the New Year's Eve table

On the other hand, our center is a mini tree decorated with ornaments handmade (You can make them with modeling paste and cookie molds). The best thing is that it takes up very little space and thus leaves enough free space to put snacks and other necessities typical of these dinners.

Decorating the New Year's Eve table

But without a doubt, the best thing is that we have used table runners Y paper napkins, a very economical but stylish way to decorate the table with a very small investment but with a unique and stylish result.

Decorating the New Year's Eve table

Without a doubt, the most important of these parties are the people who share these great moments but, if you want to surprise your guests, we hope that you liked this table of diners and that you enjoy this last night with your loved ones.

Decorating the New Year's Eve table

What do you think of these ideas for your end of the year table?

We wish you a wonderful and decorative 2015

By: Inés Torres@IneBohoDecoChic

Edited by Hofmann

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