Gifts : 10 essential personalized cards

If you are looking for beautiful postcards or cards for weddings, baptisms and communions you are in the right place. We have cards of all colors and for all occasions. In addition we assure you that it is super easy to create your own cards in an original and personalized way, you just have to upload the images you want and write what you want inside and voilà, personalized card made. We show you the different cards we have.

1. Original birthday cards

If you are going to celebrate your birthday and want to prepare some nice invitations, why don't you design your own card and send it to your friends and family at home? Of course, today few people receive physical mail other than bank papers or advertising, so it will be double joy for your friends to find such a special personalized birthday invitation in their mailboxes.

2. Mother's day cards

mother's day card

Like every first Sunday of May, Mother's Day is a great excuse to give something beautiful to our mothers. And if your budget is tight or you simply want to have a nice gesture with it, you can create a personalized card for Mother's Day and write everything you feel for her. Get sentimental and make him excited with your words!

Mother's Day cards

3. Father's Day cards

father's day card

For those who do not remember when it is Father's Day, it always falls on March 19: so, this year you have no excuse for doing nothing special. Get a picture of your special, choose the design you like best and create a special dedication for your father. Tell him why you admire him, why you love him and why he is the best father you can have. Your father will be speechless.

4. Birth cards

birth card

A baby is a joy for life and we know that a shared joy is transformed into double joy; That is why we believe it is necessary that you make birth cards to communicate the good news to all your friends and family. Take an original photo of the baby, or choose a beautiful and original design without a photo where you say when the baby was born and how you have been called (among all the things you want to communicate). Buy a pack of birth cards to print and send it to yours. Let them come to meet the baby as soon as the mother feels ready!

Birth cards

5. Love cards

love cards - valentine card

Make a romantic card to your partner for your anniversary, for Valentine's Day or for yes. Buy a pack of 10 love cards and give them for several different days. Write from poetry, to your special phrases, to write how was your first date or what you like most about her / him.

6. Christening cards

Make an invitation with your child's photo for this special event. You can do a photo shoot of babies in a photography studio in your city and thus save all those photos for when you want to do something more special or you can use any of the thousand photos that you have already taken with your mobile. All the cards we have are beautiful with any baby. But if you do not want to put any photo of the baby you can also create your most sober christening cards without a photo with all the information.

Christening cards

7. Communion cards

communion card

We know the importance of such special moments as the first communion of your children, so every detail counts. If you want to create your own reminders and communion invitations, personalize a card to your liking and get it for less than 0.80 euros each. Add your photos and the filters you want, in addition to editing your texts and giving it a personal touch. The end result is up to you.

Communion cards

8. Wedding cards

wedding invitation

After a day as special as your wedding day, it is a very nice gesture to thank all attendees for having come to support you in that special moment. Send a wedding thank you to all the attendees who shared this special day with you with, for example, the link to the web with all the wedding photos. So you do a two in one.

Wedding thank you

9. Christmas postcards

christmas cards

We always receive WhatsApp messages for Christmas, but we know that it is much more beautiful to receive and send Christmas cards to your loved ones. We advise you to take a look at our personalized Christmas cards and make yours with a photo of your own family, your pet or your Christmas tree.

Christmas cards

10. Cards for all occasions

cards for all occasions

If someone has gotten a new job, or has just left the hospital, or has moved home, congratulations! It can be with a coffee, with some reeds or with a card giving him congratulations or telling him everything you admire him for having faced the changes. Choose the postcard you like best and send it or give it in person. It will make you a special illusion because nothing will be expected of anything. Choose from all we have and create yours.

Cards for all occasions

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