Gifts : 5 ideas to give this Christmas

This Christmas, get over yourself and give a different and unexpected gift to the person you want to surprise. Make a gift for them to enjoy and be a total success. We all know about the existence of typical gifts such as slippers at home, pajamas or a cologne. Therefore, we want to go one step further and we bring you 5 ideas to get your gift right this Christmas.

Christmas presents

Give experiences for two

original christmas gifts

There are a whole series of original activities that you can give away. Give one clandestine dinner for two,It is a dinner full of mystery, with a secret address and an unusual menu. It is an unusual dinner gift since the location is secret until the day of the dinner and the menu will not be known until you sit down at the table. Not bad to start with!

If you want to give other types of experiences for two, think of the person you want to surprise: your father, your mother, your boyfriend, or a friend.
Think about what they like best and go to a group activity page to see what offers are out there. From some tickets to see a musical; to some entrances to theater, up to an activity of paddle surf anywhere in Spain with a beach.

How to give some tickets in an original way

Christmas gift ideas

If what you want is to give away some tickets to concert of your favorite artist or you should give theater tickets in an original way.
Take a cardboard box and fill it with newspaper clippings. Hide a printed photo inside the box of the person you want to surprise. On the back of the photo write the information of the tickets that you are giving them. Wrap the box in pretty wrapping paper and it’s ready for its recipient to receive.
You can also buy a photo frame to frame that photo after reading the dedication and receiving this gift in such an original way

Gift for her / Gift for him

christmas gift ideas

It does not matter if it is a gift for him or for her. Make a gift to immortalize all the moments of the year wherever it is. Choose one Photo camera special and unique and surprises the person who receives the gift.
They exist from lomographic cameras that are cameras with a soft focus and a high contrast perfect for artists; to cameras that record 360 degrees from the mobile for the most adventurous.
For lovers of summer and sports in general, a water chamber can be your best ally; You can give away from GoPro submersibles to the Otha brand for less than € 60.

If you are looking for more inspiration, here you will find the best gift for your boyfriend to surprise him like never before this Christmas.

Gifts for my boyfriend

How to give money in an original way

give original christmas

If you can’t think of anything and you want Give away money to your nephews, grandchildren, cousins, etc. you can give them money in an original way:

Put the money inside balloons

Put the € 5 or € 10 bills into balloons filled with air and close them. Fill a large box with balloons or an entire room and direct the person to go to that room to get something. When you see it, you can’t expect what’s inside. You will have to prick them to get the money and it will be fun to receive that money in a different way.

Make origami figures with your bills

If you are good at crafts, you can make origami figures with each bill. From hearts to paper boats. We recommend that you learn with this page how to make origami with your banknotes and give money in an original and different way.

How to decorate a mug to give your invisible friend at Christmas

christmas gifts

If you have to give a gift to your invisible friend, for less than € 20 you can create a unique and personal gift. You can choose from one personalized mug even a cushion with the best photos.
If the invisible friend gift has more budget, you can create a photo book and keep all the memories inside. Give away 100% personalized products for the person you want to surprise.
Also, if you need more original gift ideas, we recommend that you take a look at this other page with the coolest personalized gifts on the market.

Souvenirs with photos to give at Christmas

One of the things we like the most about Christmas is that for once in the whole year we force ourselves to spend time with the people we love. We all make room in our busy schedules to get together one day and enjoy telling us how the year has gone. It does not matter if we see each other often or have not had an encounter for months.

personalized christmas gifts

This year we have taken the initiative and we have thought about having a dinner with our friends and… preparing a little surprise for them! Looking through our photos, we have selected some with the unique moments that we have spent with them during all these years. Once we had them selected, we printed them online through the Hofmann website, for this occasion we have chosen retro development.

Print my retro photos

christmas gifts

When our friends got home, we already had all the pictures hanging on the wall. It has been a very fun time that we have spent reviewing them and laughing, remembering the anecdotes behind each snapshot. Each one has chosen the one they like the most and we have given it to them to take home. Thus they will always have the memory, in addition to being a very original decorative element.

original christmas gifts

Of course, during lunch we have taken a lot of photos, who knows? Maybe we will make this a tradition …

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