Gifts : 30 games for children to do indoors

In these days of confinement and thought for almost the entire population we want to try to help in the best way that we can think of, proposing creative games to do at home with the little ones and with the not so little ones. You have to reinvent yourself and try to get the “less bad” side of all this. So there we go:

Games for them to play alone at home

1. Assembly with magazines and newspapers: With scissors and glue they can make a box with cutouts from newspapers and magazines. You will have to choose the theme.

2. Paint what they see from the window: it will be the only thing they can see, but they will have to observe very well.

paint posters- home games

3. Basketball: With a wastebasket and some balls made of newspaper they can play a basket from various distances in the room.

4. Origami for children: with some folios or sheets of newspapers they will have to create hats for everyone, paper planes and boats.

games to make at home

5. Create a story: they have to make a story / diary of each day they are at home.

6. Invent a choreography: with a song that you really like, you have to invent a dance and do it in front of you. You are going to melt.

home games for kids

7. Write a poetry: Children have unlimited creativity, they just need someone to encourage them to get it out from within. Have them create a poem at the end of the day by outlining the most positive thing that has happened to them.

8. Words with the letter A: On a sheet of paper they have to write above: name of person, animal, color, film, city, brand, country and then divide it into columns. Say a letter and you have to fill each column with a word that starts with that letter.

9. Zumba: A zumba session for the little one will provide serotonin so that he can spend these days at home better. You can do this until you get tired.

10. Posters for each room: we have to give a touch to our house, put posters in each room with the names of each person who lives in it. Leave him some paints and some sheets so he can create posters with drawings and paintings for each room, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

11. Treasure hunt: Take 5 small objects and hide them around the house, tell them what they are and you have to find them. It will be an entertaining time

12. Learn tongue twisters: Write some tongue twisters on a sheet of paper and have each one learn to come and recite it for you. It will be entertaining for a while.

Games to play with your siblings

quarantine games with siblings

13. I see I see: Make them play for points and whoever wins the best of 20 wins. They will be busy for a while.

14. Heights: One keeps it and the others have to climb on top of something. When the one who takes it shouts “heights” everyone has to change places and the one who takes it passes it to another person, touching it with his hand. So they will exchange

15. Darkness: This is one of our favorite games, playing hide and seek with the light off. You keep it and you have to find the others.

16. Costume contest: Do you have a costume box? Make them entertain by dressing each time, you choose the theme: pirates, circus, animals …

games to make at home

17. Caliper set: with a single clothespin they have to put it on the other person anywhere without them noticing. When the person discovers the clip and without telling anyone, they have to try to pass it to someone else by putting it on their clothes. This game can last for days!

18. Assemble a cabin inside the room: with fabrics, blankets and cushions they have to set up a cabin to be able to play inside it and even sleep one night inside it.

cottage at home

19. Photo session: Both with a computer and with a mobile, have each day take a different photo trying to represent something they like and totally changing the background of each photograph. At the end of the quarantine they will be able to see them all together and tell a story through the images.

20. Play the differences: One child should have their eyes closed and the other should change their places in the same room. When the other opens them, he has to discover what has changed.

Games to play with the family

family games

21. The letters: In addition to playing solitaire, they have to learn to play brisca, broom or tute.

22. Sinking the Fleet: only the boats have to draw in the square: 1 of 4 squares, 2 of 3 squares, 3 boats of two and everything else water. See who sinks the fleet first.

23. Cook together: Make a cake or dinner, but together. Make them feel valued and know how rich and comforting cooking is.

24. Board games: Parcheesi, Checkers … These games are the best to be entertained for a few hours with the whole family.

25. Movies: each one has to play a movie with mimicry and the others have to guess it. It goes for points so the more movies you guess the more likely you are to be the winner.

watch family movies - quarantine

26. Music statues: everyone dancing to the music, when someone stops it everyone has to stop. Whoever moves gets out of the game.

27. Bingo: You have to organize a home bingo. With some cartons and bottle caps (that make balls) you can organize a very fun bingo.

28. Set of chairs: If you are many at home you can play the game of chairs. You put fewer chairs than you are in a circle and let the music play until someone stops it. When the music stops you have to sit in the chair; whoever runs out of chair gets out of the game and you remove a chair. Like this, until the best one wins.

29. Karaoke: you just have to create some dummy microphones and find a list on youtube with the lyrics of each song. You will have fun and laugh a lot.

30. And if you need extra help because your children are an endless source of energy, we want to show you this video that we find very useful for playing with the little ones.

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