Gifts : 10 original gifts to make from your mobile

If you have a thousand things but you know that you have to make a good gift to someone you really appreciate, we recommend that you create very simple gifts quickly from your mobile. You can surprise everyone and have details even with your coworkers for very little money you have. You will be the most detailed in the world and everyone will want to know your tricks for the upcoming birthdays or invisible friends

You can make gifts from your mobile from the bus, on the way to the subway or on the sofa in your home. You have all the photos you want on your mobile, you just have to edit them and add a small optional text on them. You can create all kinds of decoration and personalized gifts, and above receive them wherever you want. We are going to give you some easy gift ideas to make with your mobile

1.Give a box with photos

To give decoration you just need a good photo. With a single photo you can create from a wooden block to an artistic poster from your mobile. Something very easy to create is this Smartdeco; you can choose the type of format: square, panoramic or combine the two in one. Choose how many photos you want to put, what background you want and what type of trim you like best. This product is only available in our Hofmann mobile app.

Download the app for mobile

2. Gift for your best friend

quick and easy gifts

Create a mug with the photo of the two of you together so you can go together to the next festival and be the most fun in the place. If you want to go a step further and your budget allows it, give her the festival tickets and put them inside the wrapped cup. Two gifts in one.

I want these mugs now!

3. Give away a mini photo album

Create your small photo album with the photos you have on your mobile and tell the story of your last summer in an album. The Smartalbum has 24 to 48 pages and you can create it from the mobile application or from the web. But if you want to create a larger photo album you can do it from the web choosing between a horizontal, vertical or square album.

mini photo album

Smartalbum available at the Android and iPhone App.

I want to create a photo album

4. Gifts for parents

Give away an A3 calendar to fill the walls of your parents’ house. Notice to boaters, we have already heard several times that once you create a calendar for someone in the family, the following year you have to create it for all members of the family because it is always a success. You can also choose the small version of the Desktop Calendar and create it from wherever you want with your mobile.

original and fast gifts

Available from the Hofmann App for Android and iPhone.

I want to create my calendar

5. Give magnets with photos

hofmann magnets

If you want to give a different touch to the kitchen that is not with pictures on the wall or with colorful tablecloths, create some magnets with funny selfies of your family. They come in a pack of 9 flexible magnets with white edges and can add a lot of play to your fridge.

I want to make my magnets

6. Print your photos and receive them to hang

Why not give some retro photos with text to decorate the walls of the house? The Retro Premium print comes with a hanging kit so they can decorate their room and can change the photos whenever they want; but you can choose the type of development you want and enlarge the photos, print them in a classic way from your mobile with the Hofmann App

Print photos in retro style

7. The best gift in your hands

custom gifts

Create a case for your mother’s mobile with exciting photos. It is something that they will use yes or yes because they will always have it in their hands. Make your iPhone or Samsung look different with a case with the background color and the photo you want. This gift is very easy to make and very easy to like.

I want a custom case

8. Give away photos on wood

gifts with the mobile

What is that for photos printed on wood? What you read. We print photos on oak wood in various sizes and only 0.4 cm wide. In addition, they come with Scandinavian support in case you want to place them on a table or on the TV cabinet. Although, being so light, you could put it on the wall with double-sided tape. You choose where to place it.

I want my photo in wood

9. Give a toiletry bag with photos

toiletry bag with photos

Give away a toiletry bag that can be used to store school paintings, iPad or makeup. Choose a photo that you like and surprise your friends with this original gift.

I want a toiletry bag with photos

10. Give away a photo canvas

Give a canvas with the photo you want. Choose the format of your canvas, put the border you want on the canvas and choose your size; Upload the photo from your mobile and in less than two minutes you will have created a durable photo gift.

Available from your Hofmann App for Android and iPhone.

Create a canvas from your mobile

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