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Although it may not seem like it, and the cold is begging, winter has arrived. Those of us who like photography know that it is time to deal with gloves and with the sensitive shutter of our camera or the screen of our mobile. Although we will end up taking them off and suffering the ravages of low temperatures on our fingers, everything is to take good photos in Winter πŸ“Έ

It is also a technically difficult time to get the correct photos: snow that overexposes the scenes, incorrect white balances … But, in return, it gives us a range of interesting subjects to photograph.

For this reason, we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you make beautiful and worthy winter photos. Digital Album or Photo album to teach family and friends.

How to take beautiful photos in the snow

Snow can be a perfect ally for our photos in winter, but it is a double-edged sword that can spoil a beautiful landscape.

This makes the correct exposure a challenge because it reflects a lot of light and any object that accompanies it in the composition is too dark.

For this there are three possible solutions, which you can combine to obtain an optimal result:

1. Nice winter photos: uses the flash to compensate

For example: you portray a person with a beautiful snowy background. But the snow is correct and the person is dark. Or the right person and the over-exposed snow. If you expose leaving the person dark, to the snow correctly exposed and include a flash, the result will be a perfect snow and a person illuminated thanks to the light of the flash. Ready!

Photos in winter

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The same result can be obtained by taking a reflector with you. There are notebooks that are very comfortable to carry and are relatively cheap. They do the same effect as the flash, but with a more natural result because you reflect the same light that illuminates the rest of the scene. There are even those with different colors that can tint the image and give it an interesting new look.

3. How to photograph snow: shoot on Raw whenever you can

If you use an advanced camera or have a mobile with that capacity, always use the Raw format in your photos. But in this case even more. An incorrect exposure in Raw can be salvageable in post-processing of the image. If you spend with the light in the snow you can lower the highlights and raise the shadows and vice versa. Let’s not forget that Raw files contain much more information than JPG files and therefore give us more versatility when correcting our image.

White balance is also an aspect that is heavily influenced by snow. Dyeing our photos a very unreal blue color. But it has a very easy solution: Use manual white balance. Use a manual mode in which you can choose the temperature or adjust the white on the white snow where the light of the scene falls. If your camera doesn’t have this mode, don’t worry, most of them include a snow photography option in the automatic modes.

We can always try to edit our photo in black and whiteWith this we will solve any color problem, we will reduce the elements that make “noise” on our photo and we will focus the photo on what is important, we will create a melancholic effect on it … Who knows? The same is a photograph that does not work in color, yes it does it in black and white.

4. Look for the snow, but with contrasts

Snow is the undisputed star in winter photos. We see snow and we don’t have time to take a thousand photos. But the reality is that photos in which only snow appears are boring and monotonous. A photo with an entire white landscape, without distinguishing elements, would not be the best winter photo. However, if you are looking for an enclave where snow appears and some trees with dark leaves or a lake can be distinguished, you will get a much more interesting photo ❄

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Original winter photos: light in your photos

Winter is characterized by cloudy and gray days, but far from discouraging us from taking photos, it is a great opportunity to test ourselves as photographers.

Clouds filter the light and make it much more uniform, so there will be no harsh shadows as when it is a very sunny day. This light is ideal for taking portraits, try it!

Photos in winter

If you are looking for photo ideas in winter, it is very important to remember that you must control the white balance so that the photos do not tend to a bluish color, you can do it manually or use an automatic pre-setting of your camera, cloud mode.

In winter there is less light throughout the day, that can allow us to play with long exposures. Go for a walk with your tripod or support the camera on a stable surface and increase the exposure time and close the diaphragm, you will get a very cool effect: beautiful lighting and blurred objects that seem to move.

πŸ’‘ Trick: try taking a long exposure to a river, the moving water will come out with a silk texture and will give a very original touch to your photo.

Photos in winter

Photographs with vegetation

The golden season for greenery photos is spring, but winter can be just as stunning and unique, you just have to know where to look.

Take advantage of the early hours of the day, the early morning dew is perfect for taking macro photos. If, on the other hand, the temperature has dropped a lot at night, the dew will be frozen and you can take very original photos of frosted plants.

Photos in winter

Not everything is white

During the winter not everything is snow. We have to learn to find a way to capture the most wintry atmosphere without having to resort to snow. Is will be the key to get the best winter photos. Trees without leaves, fog … are some elements that can help you get the perfect photo.

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Break the rules in your photos

Yes, that the rule of four thirds, the horizon line, the correct exposure …

Rules, many rules that we don’t have to be afraid to break. Because many times a photo is a story or an emotion that comes with more force for what it represents than for how correct it is technically.

Therefore, photograph a lot, be wrong and fill your card without compassion. The digital age allows erasing with the push of a button πŸ˜‰

Pay attention to reflections

Don’t let the snow prevent you from seeing a much more spectacular outfit, like the one you can get with the reflection of a lake with its almost icy water. The symmetry effect that you can achieve will make you have one of the best winter photos in front of you.

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Have you already got the perfect photos?

There is nothing better than sharing those photos that have cost you so much to take and that allows you to show off in front of your acquaintances.

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Photos in winter

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