Gifts : 10 tips to decorate your home for Christmas

decorate house for christmasThis Christmas, do something different and original; let the affection you have put into your Christmas decoration be noticed more than ever and create your little Christmas shelter equipped with a very Hygge (word of Danish origin that describes that feeling of comfort and serenity when you are alone or with someone, forgetting about the worries of life).

If you are here reading this, it is because you want to transport yourself to a Hygge moment by being at home and turn your home into a cozy Christmas paradise … so, here we go!

1. How to decorate the front door at Christmas

decorate house for christmas

The entrance to your house will be a snack for your guests. You can put an Advent calendar on the door where each day you cross out the day that has passed; you can create your own garland wreath and hang it on the door; or buy red fabric and create your own bow to stick on the door. Do something eye-catching and make it the envy of the neighborhood. Let the joy and color of this Christmas be noticed!

2. Put your ecological Christmas tree

decorate house for christmas

Less plastic and more nature. We recommend that you reduce your plastic consumption and go to an ecological nursery to buy your own Christmas tree. Enjoy Christmas decorating your home and taking care of our environment. Every year 80% of Christmas trees end up in the trash, so why not enjoy Christmas and replant our Christmas tree afterwards?

But, if you do not have enough space to place a tree in your living room, we can recommend an original Christmas tree based on photos pasted on the wall. Create your photo tree with the photos of your whole year and save all those photos later in a photo album.

Reveal your photos to create your photo tree

3. Let the children stain their hands

decorate house for christmas

Now that we have the tree, propose to the children of your house to decorate their own Christmas tree and / or fireplace. And if you don’t have children, we are sure you have an artistic streak that you should exploit more. So, put yourself to work and let yourself be carried away by your creativity. Buy colored poster board, markers and glue and create everything from trees or socks to silhouettes of people to hang on the tree and on the walls.

4. How to put Christmas lights on the wall

decorate house for christmas

We don’t want people to have an epileptic seizure every time they enter your home, but being restrained we can create a nice Christmas decoration with lights and colors. Choose colored lights for the exterior and star-shaped lights for the interior; You can also place an LED projector on the wall of your living room in the shape of snowflakes. It will be the feeling of your home.

5. How to decorate your Christmas room: do not overload the house

decorate house for christmas

You don’t even have to change the bathroom floor mat to let everyone know it’s Christmas. As the architect Mies van der Rohe said: less is more. So let’s put it into practice with your Christmas decorations too. Being minimalist can sometimes be a plus. Focus on just 3 colors to decorate your home. If you put gold, silver, red, green, yellow … it may be too much

6. Prepare the table with small details

decorate house for christmas

Place decoration on the Christmas table (we give you some ideas in this post). You can fold the napkins in an original way so that they look like a Christmas tree. Buy green napkins and find a tutorial to fold napkins for Christmas. Place some centerpieces made by you. Paint some bottles or jars white, and place some fir branches in them. Or put some candles for a more intimate touch.

Video: how to fold paper napkins for Christmas

7. Use natural elements to decorate the house

decorate house for christmas

Go to the pine forest of your city and collect pinecones from the ground. Paint them with the 3 colors you decide, white and gold colors give it the total touch. Place them on the shelves and on the dining room table. You can also place cranberries in the centerpieces for a healthy, Christmasy touch.

8. Give an extra touch with photo cushions

decorate house for christmas

Bring back the photos of Christmas past and go a little beyond the line. Order your own personalized cushions with photos of past Christmas printed on them. It is a different way to decorate with photos and go to the pro level of decoration. We show you how to make your own cushions in this video tutorial.

I want to decorate my own cushions

9. Create your own Christmas nativity scene with care

decorate house for christmas

Put all your efforts into creating the best nativity scene of your life and make it fun. If you always put silver foil for the river, make something up so there is real water. If you like movies a lot, add scenes or characters from your favorite movies. Make your Nativity scene different and fun. Organize a Christmas kick-off meal-celebration and invite your family to see it.

10. Decorate the windows of your house

decorate house for christmas

Decorate the windows of your house with handmade garlands or gluing colored stars on the glass. You can also buy adhesive vinyls and place each of the 3 Wise Men in each window. Be creative!

9 trends in decoration for this Christmas

Every Christmas is the same but different at the same time. And the same happens with the decorations. Trends change from year to year and you have to catch up. We present you, exclusively, the latest in decoration for this Christmas.

1 – Nordic or Scandinavian style Christmas decoration

decorate house for christmas

Christmas is synonymous with hustle and bustle looking for gifts, going from dinner to dinner and food to food. For this reason, we propose the Scandinavian style to find a bit of serenity in your home and fill it with the northern landscapes and the winter light.

Combine delicate pastel colors with shades of brown and gray. Green plants, blue sky and eucalyptus give it the natural touch.

The translucent, metallic materials and a little frozen effect please.

2 – Playful

decorate house for christmas

Christmas is still a party, so we will decorate our house with a casual touch based on pop and children’s inspiration.

The shades to be used will be the bright version of turquoise, cherry, canary yellow, tangerine, lime and red, all well combined with black and white.

3 – Luxury

decorate house for christmas

Inspired by the interiors of royalty, the opulence of metal blends seamlessly with velvet surfaces, metallic glitters and heavy embellishments.

4 – Rustic

decorate house for christmas

Simple and very effective, it is the style that triumphs the most due to the warmth and taste it gives off. Here, a couple of ideas: you can line the Christmas baubles with fabric of the color or any pattern you like, or use old magazine or newspaper paper to make little Christmas trees.

5 – Vintage

decorate house for christmas

This does not mean that you are going to turn your house into a replica of your grandparents’ house. The vintage It is fresh, elegant and exquisite, which is why it has been a trend to be reckoned with for a few years.

Colors? Blue, silver, brown, black, gold, and pink can be freely used to create fir branch wreaths or match with flower and candle centerpieces.

You can also give that touch to your home decorating with photos: Is there something else vintagethat a retro photo development? Reveal some of the coolest photos of the year and use them as a tree topper – the little ones are going to love them!

6 – With branches or fruits

decorate house for christmas

Although it is cold, Christmas may be the most beautiful time (in places where it snows) to go for a walk in the mountains. As you go, bring some pine branches and some pine cones. With red and white they combine wonderfully.

Hofmann Tip: use pineapples as support of candles or paint them and create a mini tree do it yourself.

7 – With wicker

decorate house for christmas

Christmas is to be with the family, yes, but also to do things “with her”. Make yourself some wicker ornaments like stars, doves, reindeer, sleighs, trees, little angels that are so popular these days.

8 – Christmas balls

decorate house for christmas

Christmas balls aren’t just for the tree. We are going to expand their size and hang them from the ceiling, from the lamps, to fill a centerpiece, flowerpots or even cans that we have at home.

9- Small houses

decorate house for christmas

No matter how small your home is, your Christmas spirit may grow every year. Therefore, and for your home to be a part of this celebration, we are going to decorate it as it deserves. For example, with a Christmas tree or wall star! If you give it a personal touch with photos, the result will have nothing to envy of a large tree.

Can you think of a better idea to save space?

Nordic christmas

decorate house for christmas

We have asked @IneBohoDecoChic what is her favorite trend for this Christmas and she is clear about it. Inés is in love with everything Nordic and makes it clear in the home decoration for these dates. These are their tips:

As you know, I am a great lover of nordic style. In today’s post I want to tell you how to give a white and very Nordic touch to the decoration in Christmas, one of my favorite times and where our houses change completely to make way for a new year.

As you know, the Nordic style is characterized by simple and very clean designs, and in Christmas It could not be less, so the white, the most natural green and the wooden pieces take full prominence.

In addition, it is worth highlighting small brushstrokes in gray, metallic colors such as silver or gold, as well as pastel tones and the now more than aided black and white. But perhaps that combination is too risky for us, who are warmer and more welcoming.

The candles They are never lacking, it is an indispensable accessory at Christmas. Believe cozy spaces and they dress any self-respecting corner, accompanied or not by garlands of lights and other decorative accessories.

Another great idea is little housesWe can use them at the foot of the tree, as centerpieces or candle holders. Be that as it may, it is one of the decorative elements that will permeate our Nordic christmas creating unique spaces full of warmth.

How to decorate a Nordic style Christmas tree

decorate house for christmas

For the Christmas trees, nothing better than doing without garlands. We must give prominence to green and all the ornaments that we are going to put, so nothing better than using light colors and simple pieces. A great idea that will help you save is to make your own ornaments with modeling paste and thus create a totally personalized tree that will be the center of all eyes.

decorate house for christmas

Although the most important thing about Christmas is the people who make it up, that’s why you can always decorate any corner of the house with some elements typical of these dates and give it a more picturesque touch.Photographs to create photo or plaid canvases that can be completely changed with a few candles or garlands of lights, in addition to filling every corner of a unique and cozy atmosphere.

decorate house for christmas

These are just some ideas to decorate at Christmas in the most typical Nordic style, very soon we will tell you more things to decorate on these dates.

Do you like Nordic Christmas? 

How is your decoration at Christmas?

By: Inés Torres @IneBohoDecoChic

Edited by Hofmann

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