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When Christmas ends, in addition to keeping a few extra pounds, a sweater and the odd gift, we are left with a feeling of sadness.

That feeling is normal because they are very intense days in which things happen that do not happen during the rest of the year. Family lunches and dinners, lights and colored balls, and what about Christmas postcards?

Why write Christmas postcards

write christmas postcard

They may have been deprecated and now let’s use an impersonal and cold WhatsApp. Very bad. Think about it, what makes you more excited to receive a message on your mobile or a postcard with a Christmas phrase?

Congratulating is something very beautiful, and more so if it is about these dates, which almost everyone likes. Therefore, stop copying messages on your mobile to paste them in another chat, we are going to give you some ideas to make your postcards with the best Christmas phrases.

christmas postcards

Christmas presents

Beautiful phrases for your Christmas cards

christmas postcards

What can we write to that person to whom we sent the Christmas card? On many occasions we fear falling into the typical or the corny. We must forget about these aspects and write something sincere. Resorting to the classic can help us, but the relationship we have with that person will be the one that makes us decide. For example, we can write something more romantic to our partner, to our grandparents we will dedicate some more traditional words, and to a best friend a more rogue phrase. The person who receives the card will value any of these phrases more when seeing them written in your handwriting. Take note!

– Hopefully your problems last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.

– Being by your side at Christmas makes cold days warm.

– I wish you as much health as raindrops has, as much love as rays of light have the sun and as much luck as I have affection for you.

– An angel has escaped from heaven. Don’t worry, I won’t tell them where you are.

– I hope this year your routines turn into adventures, your anger into smiles and your sadness into hope.

– For Christmas: happiness. For the New Year: prosperity. And forever: our friendship.

– Christmas is lived as a family, it is sung together and celebrated with everyone. Are you coming to my house to celebrate it?

– We hope we were the first to congratulate you on the new year. Happy 2024!

– I toast that your best moments in the past are much worse than those that come in the future.

– Although it is far away, my heart accompanies you wherever you go.

– You are my New Years resolution.

Create my Christmas postcard

Well, what do you think? Now that we have the Christmas phrases, the postcard is missing and from that in Hofmann we know a lot. Take a look at our personalized cards of different sizes and formats to congratulate Christmas as it happens, as a lifetime.

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