Gifts : How to scan old photos to create digital album

Your grandfather on the tractor, your five-year-old grandmother with your mother knitting, your father and his cousins ​​on their first vacation together … Many of us have these old family photos stored in a box in the storage room of our parents’ house. . Seeing them is like reading the history of our family, like looking into the life and fashion of our grandparents and even great-grandparents, so different from ours!

But over time (and the humidity), the photos and a part of our family and ourselves disintegrate. Libraries around the world scan old photos, archived documents, and old manuscripts, so the time may have come for you to do the same with old black and white photos from the 1950s and even photos from the 1980s they are starting to lose color.

Scan your old photos for gift

Surely creating such an album and making a foray into your family’s history is fun. It could also be a great gift for someone in your family who remembers the moments reflected in the photos. Imagine that in 2050 one of your children or grandchildren made an album from your youth, with photos where you go out with your friends from school, on your first vacation without your parents, photos of your Tuenti, or snapshots of your Erasmus year .

Create my digital album

How to scan old photos

scan old photos

Before putting the photos into a high quality album like Premium Album or Maxi Album, you have to scan them. There are three ways to do it:

  • Using the scanner that you may have at home or at work (we will not tell anyone). Using the scanner from the public library closest to your home.
  • Using Google’s PhotoScan application if you plan to digitize your old snapshots by photographing them earlier with your smartphone. This free app is very easy to use and does all the work for you. For example, crop the photo and remove shadows or reflections. It is important to note that the quality will be lower than with a real scanner, especially in the case of large photos.
  • Using a professional online service or a local photography store.
    Do you have everything ready to open the trunk of memories?

How to color your old photos online

give color to your old photos

And if you want to give a light touch to those old photos you can use applications like Colorize to give a touch of the 21st century to your photos. Just upload your black and white photo and it will automatically add color to your scanned old photos. And if the result convinces you and you want to print a canvas with the photo, we recommend that you do it immediately, do not wait any longer!

Create my canvas with photos

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