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Since we were little, Christmas has made us excited. A lot.

When we saw that the television began to fill with toys, that at school they made us prepare decorations for class, the letter from the Magi or a wooden nativity scene for home (that our parents still have in the living room), something it sprouted within us.

When we came back from school, we were just thinking about what day we were going to mount the tree at home. Seeing it in the living room was the best, as it indicated that the gifts were already very close. There you have it, imposing, ready to be decorated. This was the second point to follow to make sure everything was going smoothly, and one of the most exciting times of the year.

Balls, figures, a school craft, lights, a star in the glass? Snow effect? Some toy of yours that was sneaking around? That already depended on whether they let you or not …

The fact is that, although the times change, the tree is still there, and from Hofmann let’s give it another air:you are going to decorate it with your favorite photos!

Photographs from your mobile to your Christmas tree

Christmas tree with your mobile photos

A Christmas tree with photos is a super creative and original way to decorate your house this Christmas. You only need to print your photos: in color, to give a little light and joy to your living room, or in black and white to give it a nostalgic air. Choose a wall or even a door and create a photo mural in the shape of a Christmas tree (ideal for smaller houses). ?

Original Christmas tree with photographs

Another option, if you already have your Christmas tree, is to buy the retro photos of Hofman that come with clothespins and start filling their branches giving your own Christmas touch to the house with photos of the whole family. Also, once Kings Day arrives, you can use the photo of each person to personalize their gifts.

christmas tree with photos

I want my photos developed

If you’re feeling nostalgic, calm down, you can give your photos a retro look thanks to our prints. You can continue applying filters to the image, even write what you want to customize them as you like. Our standard retro development It has a protective film that prevents scratches and maintains colors. Thus, your photos can replace the balls of a lifetime that will already have their years.

christmas tree with photos

Another variety of homemade original Christmas tree is to use retro photographs combined with lights, wooden branches, pine cones and leaves. Use the lights to make the shape of the tree and you will have a super original tree.

christmas tree with photos

And how about printing your Christmas tree in retro snapshots? As you hear, divide the image of a Christmas tree with its snow and divide it into unique photos. You will make a mural with the printed photographs and it will be like being there. If you add lights around them it will give it a super special touch.

christmas tree with photos

Since we changed the decoration of the tree, do we dare with some cool, different, personalized gifts? At Hofmann you can personalize your photo albums, your calendars, even your mugs!

From now on, with your tree decorated differently, your Christmas will be more beautiful.

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