Gifts : 30 new year’s resolutions and how to keep them

New Year’s resolutions are those personal goals that we set for ourselves when we go beyond the December goal, but do they exist? Are there real cases of people who comply?

The fact is that, feasible or not, they suppose an extra motivation to start the year even if they are not fulfilled. That doesn’t matter the important thing is to have them. Those who do not have them do not know the satisfaction of seeing them fulfilled during the following year, or do not enjoy the frustration laughing with family or friends remembering those of the current year, a few hours after the end of the time to fulfill them.

To “go to the gym”, “quit smoking” or “learn English” many more can be added in case you fail in the mission to fulfill any of the three. Well, the truth is that these are complicated.

Original New Years Resolutions

So that you do not fall down, here we give you ideas in the form of purposes. Let’s see if you are at least 7!

  • Start saving for the trip of my dreams.
  • Do more sport.
  • Read more books.
  • Write a blog.
  • Meet more often with friends.
  • Say “I love you” more times.
  • Drink less alcohol.
  • Use the mobile less.
  • Face problems.
  • Say “no” more often.
  • Be less selfish.
  • Stop taking things personally.
  • Stop depending on my parents.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Spend less money on things I don’t need.
  • Get out more on the weekend.
  • Don’t look for excuses.
  • Be more disciplined for the things that I propose.
  • Do not envy what my neighbor has.
  • Get out of my comfort zone.
  • Ask my grandmother for her recipes.
  • Appreciate more what I have.
  • Be a better example for my children.
  • Smile more and complain less.
  • Call my parents more on the phone.
  • Have the courage to fail.
  • Be a little more optimistic.
  • Give up smoking.
  • Stop making good resolutions that I will not fulfill.
  • Give away something from Hofmannfor Christmas and Kings.

Make a gift with Hofmann

New Year’s Resolutions… Better in Writing!

In Mom has a plan They have discovered the perfect method for you to say “I know how to fulfill all my New Year’s resolutions.” Rest assured that it does not require doing meditation at dawn or getting up before everyone at home, it is much simpler than that. They explain it to you here:

How to fulfill my New Year’s resolutions without dying trying

Every year at this time, I begin to mentally review the year just ended, the things I liked and the things I didn’t, the things that could be improved … and I reimagine what my life would be like with a few small improvements.


This year, to make it easier, I am going to focus original New Year’s resolutions for each month and thus, each month I will have a clear objective. I have also made a Hofmann Custom Calendar with family photos that I’m sure will help me keep these goals more in mind. By the way: the thousand and one design options of calendars are great: a lot of backgrounds to choose from, large or small photos, montages, you can even choose the font and size!

January: Enjoy my family more and do it 100%

No more being with the children looking askance at the emails that arrive in the inbox. No more taking advantage of the grandparents coming to visit to iron “and take a couple of washing machines.” I’m going to enjoy them, all of them, with the 5 senses.img_20170104_151844

February: Play More

There is a song from the play “The girl who lived in a shoe box”, music composed by Antoni Tolmos (highly recommended, work and soundtrack) that says something like “Take advantage and play more, when you grow up you will forget”. So, starting in February, I am going to play with my children much, much more. You cannot miss the UNO Custom Card Game from Hofmann, you are going to have a great time!

March: Make it clear to mine who is the priority

I’m going to start bending down to look the little ones in the face when I talk to them, to prepare a surprise from time to time, I’m going to get the children to dress themselves giving them more time to do it 💪

April: Be punctual

I am going to really propose and with all my strength to be more punctual, which implies, I have finally assumed, that I will have to stop doing some things because you cannot get to everything. This is my great purpose for several years. It is my “quit smoking.” I will achieve it?

May: Set Priorities

I intend to separate things between priority, urgent, important and act accordingly. No regrets. The first is the first.

June: order photos and videos and make copies to grandparents

It will be good for me to give space to the memory of my mobile in the face of the end-of-year performances, and avoid the moment the camcorder skips a nice “full memory” in the middle of the song. Horror! You can save the best photos of the year in a Digital Album or in a Photo Book and make copies for your grandparents so that they have you close every day.


July: Take out the “good” camera to take really cool photos

That the mobile is very practical, but the result is not always the best and we all like to have cool photos, right? 📸

August: teaching my children to swim as I learned… in the sea!

Without the rush, the smell of chlorine and the heat of an indoor pool that, from my point of view, takes away all the fun.

September: Stop blaming lack of time for all my woes

I’m not going to magically multiply the hours of the days, so … we will have to organize ourselves in a different way (and reinforce the April and May resolutions). September is a great month to do this with back to school, don’t you think?


October: Travel more

Incorporate weekend getaways, especially rural ones, into the routine, simplifying the suitcase and the preparations to simply go out and enjoy. Total, a weekend stays in a day and a half. You don’t need almost anything, just the desire to see new things. Spain has so much to explore… I don’t want to keep missing it. Without ruling out, of course, international departures 🌍

November: Have a detail with the grandparents from time to time

They are a key, fundamental, very important piece. They are the ones who give without asking for anything, without receiving anything more than snotty kisses… And they deserve more attention, more leisure time with the children and more prominence. Discover here the best gifts for grandparents and give them a surprise they can’t forget.

December: learn to make almond soup

I have never eaten it on Christmas Eve and last year the bull caught me. This year, prepare for something more traditional from the first of the month 🙌

How are you? How do you see the end of the year resolutions? Affordable? Choose the ones you like the most and add your personal ones to, after the next 365 days, have completed the ones that are most important to you.

Good cheer and Happy New Year!

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