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Whoever you are with, there are many ways to make the most of the hours we spend at home and combat boredom … At Hofmann, for example, we love board games as they are ideal for having fun, training the mind and laughing a lot 😀 In addition, if they are personalized, we assure you that the fun multiplies. Keep reading and you will find the most original ideas to create the best personalized board games and have a great time after a family dinner, an afternoon with the kids or a rainy day. Let the fun begin!

Custom board games

1.Custom UNO card game

Surely you know this game very well and more than once you will have forgotten to shout “One!” when you only had one card left and you have been penalized for it … Exactly! It is one of the most popular card games enjoyed by both children and adults around the world. In the UNO card game the objective is to get rid of all your cards by gathering those that match by color or number. Of course, remember that when you have only one card left in hand, you will have to shout: “One!”, Otherwise you will have to draw two cards and try again to be the first to get close to the win.

To make the game even more fun, in Hofmann You can customize your UNO cards by choosing your 5 favorite photos for the action and joker cards. Surprise with the most original and unique deck of all and remember … It is not worth playing dirty!

Make Custom UNO Card Game

2.Custom Memory® Game

If you are looking for board games for two or a board game for children and adults, the Memory is a perfect example that also helps train memory 🤔 It consists of placing a series of cards face down, and uncovering them two by two until finding all the pairs of images that match each other. With which, it is essential to memorize the placement of each of the cards to be the fastest and win the game. But wouldn’t it be more fun to have to remember your favorite photos? At Hofmann we know that it is, that’s why we have created the Personalized Memory® Game so that you can create 24 or 72 cards from your own photos. The best way to test your memory and that of the whole house!

I want Personalized Memory® Game

3. Custom Puzzle

Did you know that puzzles come from maps (in fact the first puzzle was a map) and was it John Spilsbury, a former royal geographer apprentice to the English crown, who invented the world’s first puzzle around 1766? 💡

At Hofmann you can customize your own puzzle with between 49 and 2000 pieces and your best photo. If you are going to create a puzzle for the little ones, you can look for a photo of their favorite animated character or a funny photo with their school friends.

Puzzles are one of the best board games for adults and children as they provide many healthy benefits such as the following:

  • Improve visual memory
  • They stimulate spatial and mathematical ability
  • Stimulate relaxation
  • Improve family relationships
  • They teach self-control and reflection
  • They improve collaboration and teamwork

Create Custom Puzzle

Four. Who I am?

We present you one of the best board games for those Sunday afternoons or dinners with friends at home. You will love it!

To prepare this game and make it as authentic and original as possible, at Hofmann we present the following idea:

  1. Choose about 50 9 × 13 photos of friends, family, celebrities, historical figures, animated characters, etc. and reveal them. Can do it here. 
  2. When they have arrived at your house they will be ready to be used in this game with which you will not be able to stop laughing!

You should mix the photos well and put them face down in the center of the table. Each participant must take a photo and paste it on the in front of the person sitting to your right.

This board game consists in that each one must discover who they are by asking simple questions, with which they can answer YES or NO. If the answer to the question asked is “YES”, the player can ask a new question, and so on until they fail and the turn is passed to the person to their right.

5. Pictionary

This board game is, without a doubt, one of the most complete that exists and where your most creative part intervenes. We introduce you…Pictionary!, a board game created more than 30 years ago and that will make your imagination fly like never before any other game has managed to do, here we go!

To prepare this board game and customize it to your liking, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Choose around 100 photos in 9 × 13 (with more photos the better) that you can use as game cards for your personalized Pictionary. Think of things that are not too difficult to draw (although we recommend selecting some images a little more difficult for the big challenges). You can develop your photos here. 
  2. Once you have your photos, you will only need a notebook and some pencils.

Now the fun begins! Make 2 teams and place the photos face down. Choose which team starts first and then one of its participants must take one of the photos without looking. On a sheet of the notebook and with a pencil or marker, you draw what you see in your photo and try to make the other members of your team guess it without being able to speak a single word. Ah! and there is a time limit ⏳ (You can use the mobile timer to mark the limit).

Here are some ideas for themes to add to your photos:

  • Real or fictional characters
  • Everyday objects such as: food, vehicles, etc.
  • Animals
  • Actions (running, swimming, cooking, driving, writing, singing, etc.)
  • Words (write words that are difficult to represent in a picture)

Print Photos

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