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20 wedding photos that can not be missing in your album


Do you marry? Congratulations, we can not be happier for you two. Now yes, we want to see the photos, and those photos are spectacular. You will teach them to everyone and they will be a sign of the love you have for each other. Then you will want to save them in a photo album so they have to be spectacular.

If you are going to hire a professional photographer, sometimes it is better to guide them and give them some advice on the photos you want. That's why today we bring you ideas for photos that you can not miss on your wedding day.

1. Photos of the preparation

We want to immortalize the nerves of this great day. The preparation with the family around, the bridesmaids preparing together. The bride with her family, the groom with his ... We want to tell a story and have to start from the beginning. Get photos of the details, of the bride and groom getting dressed, putting on makeup and combing their hair.

2. Previous confessions

  preparations for the wedding

Those moments of intimacy, which have sisters, mothers and bridesmaids with the bride should be immortalized. The last unspeakable nerves, the embraces of godparents, etc. These moments before getting married are full of emotion and we want the photographer to capture it in its pure essence.

3. The arrival of the bride

  arrival of the bride to the wedding

Take pictures inside and outside the car. Get photos of the bride inside the car retouching the last strands of hair. Pictures of the groom's face when he sees her appear and receives the bride from the godfather. Expressions of the guests when they receive it and are surprised by the dress.

4. Pictures of wedding bridesmaids

  bridesmaids wedding

Your bridesmaids have always been by your side and they will be what happens, so do not miss the opportunity to get the best photos of your wedding with the ladies of honor on this special day in which you are all in tip-top. Mix the witnesses of both and play to make funny pictures. Make the godparents and the essential people appear in this mini session.

5. Photos at the door

  family in the church

The family's posed with the closest relatives can not miss. Get beautiful, make you laugh, join friends and put different positions. Get photos with the rice in the air, with the petals on your heads and with kiss included. Then you will have very easy to choose the photos for your wedding album.

I want to create my wedding album

6. Emotional photos at the wedding

  emotional photos of the wedding

Kisses, tears and emotion will not be missing on your wedding day. Immortalizes hugs with parents, grandparents and pages.

7. Photos of the ceremony place

  wedding celebration

Ask them to take pictures of the centerpiece, of the small details of the decoration, of the people sitting down to eat ... You have worked hard to make everything beautiful and that is something that must be recorded in the photographer's camera.

8. Photos of wedding rings

  wedding rings

Take original photos with engagement rings. They can be with the hands and the bouquet of flowers, or with the rings on the seats, or all the generations of women shaking hands showing the rings ... Do something original and beautiful.

9. Photo of the kiss

  kiss of the couple in wedding

Let them kiss, kiss! You will not stop hearing it in your day, and you will have a thousand pictures of those moments. The most beautiful kiss is usually at the exit of the town hall / church, with rice and petals in the air. The photo is left to frame it and put it in the living room in a painting

I want to put my picture in a painting

10. The bouquet of flowers of the bride

  Bouquet of flowers of the bride

So much time taking to choose the flowers as not to immortalize it in a photo. Get them to pick up the pages and play with the bouquet. Or you can also make them appear focused with you out of focus from behind.

11. Original photos of wedding

  launch of bouquet

The launch of the bouquet of the bride is a momentazo. Make the boys and girls behind the bride, the adults and the children, and immortalize that fun moment. Let the children participate and give it to whomever they want. Have a lot of fun and play with everything.

12. Wedding traditions

  wedding cake

There are traditions that never fail. Both the speech of the godparents and the cake cut by the two must have their own photo.

13. The grooms dresses

  wedding report

Make a photo session with the background nature. You are the protagonists, but the dresses and elements of nature will be of great importance.

14. Original and funny wedding photos

  funny wedding photos

Play with the perspectives of plane, exchange the dresses ... get out of the norm and make a fun session. Put faces, put on wigs, have the guests participate, etc. Get the funniest wedding photos you can imagine.

15. Photos of the dance shoes

  wedding shoes

Now it is fashionable to change the shoes of the ceremony and put some converse or some shoes for dancing, and we love the idea. Take out some funny pictures of the feet before or during the dance and let them show that they are feet of dancers.

16. Pictures of the wedding dance

  wedding dance

You are in charge of opening the wedding dance. You will have rehearsed the songs, the dance and everything so that your movements have to be recorded in videos and photos. Get photos of the group dance or surprises choreography that may appear at the wedding. Although there will be many mobiles recording that moment the quality of a good camera will be noticed.

17. Original wedding photocall

  wedding photocall

Thanks to the photocall friends and family can have a thousand photos of your day. Create something fun, put on costumes, wigs, mustaches and streamers and let people have fun. If you need any idea of ​​how to create yours, we bring you a blog that can help you create your original wedding photocall.

18. Original wedding photos

  wedding couple

Repeat a photo for years with the same pose. If you have a running picture, do it also on the wedding day, on the honeymoon and throughout the years. Then you can tell a story in a photo album, with the same pose, but different environment. Enjoy the session and become accomplices of the photographer without stress for nothing.

19. Complicity looks

  complicity looks

Hugs, looks, tears and kisses. A picture is worth a thousand words as far as the facts are concerned.

20. Photos of the celebration

  photos of the celebration

We all know that the fun of weddings comes at the moment of the speeches, the chants of the guests, the dances, the party and the open bar. Make sure there are photos in the photocall, photos without posing and photos until late at night

Of course, if the photographer is your friend and will do it with all the love in the world, it would be good to see others examples of wedding photos, that take different and creative ideas and that you have agreed what you are looking for your wedding album.

I want to create my wedding album

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