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Shorten the distance that separates you from your loved ones with a Photo Album full of your fondest memories. We all like to have illusions, and they say that celebrating past adventures is the fastest way to inspire new ones. Do you need us to help you? Our guide to gifting Photo Albums to people with different personalities will help you.

Photo album for amateur chefs

He has flooded his social media accounts with photos of his sourdough bread. Not a Master Chef program is missed. It has a good reserve of flour, sourdough … and a lot of other ingredients. Inspire the professional chef in your life by giving him a Photo Album full of delicious desserts, typical family favorites, and other tempting new ones to try. Play your cards right and maybe prepare your favorite dessert for your next gathering.

We recommend you…..

  • The Vertica Albuml It opens fully 180 ° and comes with a luxury binding. You can easily browse through it and enjoy the anti-fingerprint paper so that while you cook, the album does not get stained. Fill up to 122 pages of recipes, colors and flavors.
  • Customize a Notebook with 48 pages so they can write their favorite recipes accompanied by their personal notes. There are 8 layouts and 22 stationery to choose from, and it’s made from 115gsm recycled plain or striped paper.

Brief suggestions

Create an album of secret family recipes for your partner’s family kitchen.

You could search for dishes in his Master Chef game or collect the photos from his Instagram account that he is most proud of. Don’t forget to promise to help him make more paellas next year.

Photo album for the gardener

More time at home means more time to take care of the garden or the pots. Now rainy days are appreciated, either for digging a new bed or for pulling weeds. The sun is no longer burning and it is time to help you see how much the plants have flourished with our recommendations.

We recommend you…..

The Digital Photo Book with Window, Allowing your favorite plant to peek through the deck! Plus you can choose from 10 colors for a matte finish that wraps the entire album cover to back, and there’s even space to incorporate a couple of fun captions with two optional typefaces and give a little hint as to what the album contains.

Brief suggestions

Give her seeds (super cheap!) And a book with tips for sowing them and caring for the plants and herbs that will sprout. When they are at their peak, pay them a visit.

Create an album with beautiful photos of nature combined with photos of your garden or flower pots. If you don’t have enough photos of your garden, you can find plenty on websites like Pexels and Freepik.

Photo album for intrepid travelers

Transform photos you posted on Instagram during your gap year before college to encourage you to take new trips. If you’ve been hooked on the Down to Earth documentary series (not just to catch a glimpse of Zac Efron), regularly post photos of the sites you’ve already visited, or are eager to travel the world again, there’s a perfect Photo Album to complement your list #viajesquequierohacer.

We recommend you…

  • The Photo Book of the Year 2020 it would be a magnificent culmination of the trips he has made, with photos of all the countries he has visited on each of its glossy finished pages and 4 photos of sunsets in each of the numbers cut out on the cover. Hopefully it will serve as inspiration for your next trip.
  • It has been an * unprecedented * year. So collect the best moments in a Album Maxi, a square photo album 29x29cm with up to 122 pages for those intrepid travelers and those photographs that take your breath away.
  • The A4 landscape album with 180 ° opening / floor opening, it gives prominence to all the photos that had not been developed; perfect for a coffee table that needs something to liven it up.

Brief suggestions

Take advantage of the 180 ° opening binding to unfold a double page photo.

Use captions to write which site it is, or technical details of how each snapshot was taken.

For enthralled first-time parents

Someone may not have met their precious newborn yet. Also, they are probably exhausted, so if someone else could make them an album with all the photos of their baby that they have published on social networks, they would be very happy.

We recommend you…

  • The Smartalbum, With a design as cute as the baby himself! Now even larger, it’s available in both landscape and square formats, and the cover and spine can be customized with custom text and dates.
  • The Baby Album It has 16 pages that can be cleaned with a damp cloth (to remove the fingerprints of the little one) with 1 photo on each one. They could be used to teach you things about animals, or about the foods you like best, or funny words.

Brief suggestions

You only need one photo per page for these albums. Take a screenshot of the photos that your proud parents have posted on Instagram with captions included and upload them to our website or easily create your own image in our creation studio.

The First Baby Album it is designed with the little fingers and teeth in mind.

You could create several albums, dedicating each one to a theme, for example rompers, the sleeping baby, strolls in the car seat, the moments “but I just changed him!” … the possibilities are endless.

Photo album for the most creative

Looking for something for your designer friends? Perhaps someone has honed their graphic design skills in lockdown, updated their website, or desperately needs a new portfolio to showcase their talents. These Photo Albums are for artists (for example you!).

We recommend you…

  • The Landscape Photo Book it is ideal for beautiful illustrations. Show off spectacular colors on this premium coated paper and fill up to 156 pages with your best illustrations.
  • The Personalized Notebook It could be a creative inspiration base on which any artist could jot down ideas, sketch, plot storyboards, and much more. Your imagination is sure to run wild with these blank pages at your disposal.

For photography buffs

You might think he’s wasting his awesome scenic drive photos by simply sending them to friend chat, as they should be posted on National Geographic. Calling all photography fans! We have what you need!

We recommend you…

  • The A4 Landscape Album, designed with quality coated paper, with a hard but padded cover, it is able to truly highlight the quality of your photos. Think about those future sunrises with you that he will capture with his camera and how incredible they will be in this album.
  • The Premium Photo Album immortalize your photos with the highest quality on the market, thanks to photographic printing your images will have professional quality.

Create your Photo Album from the web

Brief suggestions

Take advantage of the 180 ° opening binding to display one of those stunning double page photos. It will enhance your confidence in your talent and inspire more panoramic snapshots with style.

Album for runners and athletes

Runtastic, Strava, Runkeeper… You’ve already lost count of the wonderful apps that are continually being downloaded to keep track of your achievements, because exercise is everything to the runner in your life. We think that a Photo Album will be a perfect complement to promote the pride that those efforts to improve deserve.

We recommend you…

  • The Smartalbum to browse his post-race selfies, marathon finish lines, course snapshots, and progress reports so you can see how far he’s come. It’s compact, high-quality, and it’s a best-seller for a reason!
  • Personalized Diary Style Notebook Does your soul burner have a hard time at the starting line? Print out relaxation tricks and yoga poses, and leave a good number of pages for her to write down how she feels when the big time comes.

Brief suggestions

Find information about marathons that are held in other cities to propose a new challenge and motivate you to plan next year. You might even surprise him with an affordable train ticket for a fun trip to one of those cities!

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