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Although we have always dreamed of a huge mansion in some paradise, the truth is that for now we must settle for a small apartment in the city. It is then that we start looking for ideas to decorate small houses and opt for a type of decoration that does not overload the room much. If you want to know How to decorate a small house, we will give you some tips to get it ❤

Ideas to decorate a small house

Paint the walls a light color

decorate small house

This will give a feeling of spaciousness and will make the space brighter.

Let the light pass

Use curtains that allow the passage of light. If the interior space is well lit it will cause a less overwhelming effect.

Decorate with furniture in light tones

How to decorate a small house

The choice of furniture It is also very important if you are looking for ideas on how to fix a small house. Try to make them, like the walls, in light tones, and as multifunctional as possible. In other words, if a sofa can also be converted into a guest bed, so much the better! We will be occupying a space but with two different uses at different times. Try also that these furniture instead of having open shelves have doors so that what is inside is not seen, since at a given moment its interior may not be so orderly as to show it.

Take advantage of every gap

decorate small house

You can use fruit boxes or small wicker baskets to store things under the bed or in a nook. This type of storage is, at the same time, another decorative element and, therefore, it can be visible without being ugly.

Use natural elements

decorate a house

Add some to the decoration natural element, like a plant. These living beings help our mood to be more optimistic and connect with Nature. If you also want to give a more natural touch to the decoration of your walls, we recommend you make a Natural Wood Painting with your favorite photos, it will be super original!

When decorating a house: less is more

decorate a house

Many are the experts who talk to us about how to modernize a small house putting the concept of “Less is more” ahead. How many fewer non-functional decorative elements use in your home, the less recharged the space will be. In addition, it will be much easier to clean the dust on a day-to-day basis.

Colors to decorate a small house

colors to decorate a small house

Resort to plain colors. The patterns visually add more noise and, therefore, are not the most suitable for decorating small houses. As much as possible, use consistent colors. Make your own Personalized Cushions here and use the designs that best suit the decoration and colors of your home.

Decorate with photos

decorate walls with photos

Having a small house is perfectly compatible with decorating it with your photos favorites so, Don’t forget reveal the photos you like the most! You can use a wall, like the one in the bathroom, to fill it to the top with frames with your photos. A very original way can be to use empty frames, with drawings, with photos, even with figures to hang on the wall. You can create a gallery around the photos you choose, with a marine theme, buildings, with your loved ones … There are a thousand options! ☺

Reveal your photos online

You can also choose to put photos with stickers on your walls so as not to damage your walls, here we show you how to create them from your mobile and with the photos that you like the most.

So, while you wait for that mansion to arrive that you’ve always dreamed of in Miami, follow our tips on how to decorate a small house without giving up showing your most special photos.

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