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Meditation, healthy eating, flexible working hours … There are countless tips of all kinds to increase well-being, but it is often difficult to maintain good habits. An easy way to enjoy a little bit of wellness on a day-to-day basis is to create an environment where you feel relaxed.

Start with your spring decoration

An excellent way to do this is to bring a small sample of nature into our homes. And don’t worry, we don’t mean to turn your living room into a jungle.

Here we propose some suggestions to create an interior garden in your house no matter how badly gardening is given to you, from plants that help you breathe to art that helps you live.

Take your field trips to your home

custom photo poster

Lately none of us resist pulling out our cell phone or camera as soon as we appreciate a beautiful view, so surely you have a few photos of Mother Nature stored somewhere.

That landscape of your last excursion, that dusk on the beach of your last vacation or that close-up of the flowerbed of your garden will surely look great on your wall.

There are countless ways to decorate your home with your own photos of nature, from Art Posters (like the one in the photo) to Simple Canvas and American Canvas

Create my spring poster

Make selection for your indoor garden

spring decoration

Choose carefully indoor plants in good condition because with them your home could be really special. They do not have to give a lot of work and, in addition to giving a natural and spring touch to your decoration, some can actively improve your health.

Try a Sansevieria plant in your bedroom, which filters toxins in the air and, unlike most plants, releases oxygen at night, so it will help you sleep well. And if that were not enough, you only have to water it once a month!

In fact, you can search the internet for plants that purify the air, to help you get the most out of the plants in your own home, and thus you will be informed of the care required by each one.

Spring decoration with flowers

spring decoration

Another great way to create a cozy environment that helps you relax at home is to decorate with freshly cut flowers and change them regularly. You don’t have to buy the most expensive ones from the florist, a bouquet of daffodils for five euros in a glass vase can be as beautiful as an intricate flower arrangement. You can also go for something even simpler and pick a handful of ferns or branches with leaves from your garden and put them with the flowers to give them the spring touch you are looking for. A cup can also be a great pot for smaller plants, like cacti and other succulent plants.

And if you decide to decorate your house with a mug, why not choose a really special one? Enameled Metal Cups serve perfectly as a retro-inspired vase or pot with which to make your style clear.

Create my enameled mug

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