Gifts : 7 gifts for sisters that will not fail

The family is not chosen, it has been inherited since you were born; and how lucky we are to have an unconditional love for the sisters. The brothers are the best friends when we are little, they are our adventure companions and our tear cloth of our first loves, they are the ones who have seen us grow and know us thoroughly.

Because of this and because life inevitably distances us sometimes, we want you to surprise your sister with a gift that is not expected at all. Give something to your sister even if it is not a special occasion, just because, because you want to tell her how important it is in your life.

From Hofmann we want you to surprise her whatever your budget and your time to give your sister an original gift, so read on.

1- Original gifts for sisters

Design a custom cushion with photos and text. One that does not exist anywhere with a phrase that only you and she tell you. Put a nice pattern that you find on Google or put several different photos, include a funny text from the computer program in Hofmann and voila, it will appear in your house as a surprise in several days.

You can add text, colors, shapes and photographs on both sides from our Hofmann Program (only available on Windows). Create a cushion that says a sister phrase like: I love you so much sister, congratulations on having the best brother in the world, sometimes being a sister is better than even being superheroine, to infinity and beyond, together we are stronger…. Here we show you in a video how to do it from the Hofmann Program.

I want to create a cushion

2- Gifts for older sisters

give a photo album

A sister is a bit of childhood that can't be missed. That's why we suggest you collect all your childhood photos and scan them to create a perfect photo album like the one in the photo. Choose between a landscape album, a vertical album or a creation album from your mobile; Have the photos ready and create a perfect album of memories to get you excited. From the little brother to the older sister. A detail that you will love.

I want an easy album to create

3- Gifts for handmade sisters

photo gifts for sisters

Create a garland with photos to decorate your room. Buy a string of lights and hang the photos on the thread. This will create a unique and intimate atmosphere with the best memories. Dedicate every picture you give away from the back.

If you want to make a bigger gift, cMake your own basket of whims and jelly beans, chocolates, paints, creams or perfumes. Anything that chifle your sister and that makes you excited but wrapped with love and dedicated to her. Buy a basket and dedicate it with a dedicated photo card.

I want to reveal my photos

4- Give a special trip

Give a trip for both of you to a place you've always dreamed of going. Create a cup with images of your next destination and hide the bills inside them. So you have the excuse to travel and pay a tribute as when you were young. Do a search of the country / city you are going to visit and create a fictitious planning with the organization of your trip from beginning to end, buy the plane / train tickets with the possibility of changing the date and prepare for the brotherly adventure.

5- Gifts for women artists

If your sister is a kitchen artist, or she loves to draw, gardening, architecture, brush, theater … Give him a canvas with an image that represents what he likes best. It can be a scanned work of her or she in the process of creation … It is a very simple and emotional gift.

I want to give him a canvas

6- What to give your sister for her birthday

custom canvases

To that little sister, who we have done so much but we love so much… we should give her life as a gift. But since life is too much, let's celebrate it with her! Give a personalized canvas with a picture of your favorite vacation. To be transported every time you see it. You can use some image filter to make a much prettier canvas and be an original and special gift.

I want to create a canvas

7- Gifts for little sisters

If your sister is a fan of animals, give her life. We would tell you that a dog of a kennel is a perfect gift but also demands a huge responsibility; So if you are not looking for it, do not do it by your own choice. Instead, give your sister several plants with custom pots. You can use enameled metal cups with images and buy small plants to put them inside these makeshift pots.

custom cups original pots

I want to create my pots

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