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First communion photos What can we do with them?


Welcome to the BBC era, weddings, baptisms and communions! I hope you are ready for the occasion because the photos require it.
After more than a thousand photos that you will have done on this special day you will not know where to put them; but for that we are here, to help you choose the best products where to put your photos.

Personalized photo album of communion

Once you have all the photos in your hands and retouched properly, it's time to choose an album of photos to place them all and physically store them on a shelf in your house. We have four suggestions to suggest:

Vertical photo album

The best thing about communion photos is that you can order them in a photo album with a personalized cover, with the title you want and the photos per page that you choose. It will be a memory of a very special event that you will always have at home. And when your children, nephews or godchildren grow up, you will be very excited to see those images.

I want to make my photo album

Scrapbooking communion album

  scrapbooking album

If you prefer to design your own photo album from scratch, we recommend that you make a scrapbooking communion photo album. In the link we show you how to do it step by step, from the design of the cover to the adornments. You only have to reveal the photos you want and start creating from scratch, and the great advantage is that children can collaborate with your creation at all times.

I want to reveal my photos

Premium album for your photos of communion

  gifts communion - photo album

If you want to go a step further, make a photo album of communion of superior quality. Print the pictures of the online communion in this photographic album with luxury binding and anti-fingerprint paper, so that you can appreciate even the smallest detail of all the details of the communion. Add your own comments on each page, place the background that you like and you are ready to order.

I want to make a Premium album


  Smartalbum - photos of communions

This photo album is for the photos of communion of your mobile due to its small format. It has rigid sheets and hard cover and you can get it for less than 10 euros. It is super easy to create and has only 24 to 48 pages

I want my Smartalbum

Other ideas for your communion photos

Personalized cushion My First Communion

  personalized cushion with communion photo
If you want to do something different with the communion photos, you can create a personalized cushion with images on both sides. Almost certainly it is the first official photo shoot in which the protagonist of this special day is, so you can do something new with the decoration of your room and give him a cushion with his photo printed on it.

I want to make a cushion

Canvas with photos

  communion gifts - canvas with photos

A very cool idea is to print a couple of portraits of the communion photos with different funny faces of the child. You can put them in your room or in the hallway to give a fun and different decoration to the house.

I want to make a canvas

Of course, we recommend that the photos you order from the photographer or that you do yourself are photos of original communion. That you leave the typical picture and that you let the children be children, that they play, that they are spontaneous, that they have fun and, that you enjoy the great day!

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