Gifts : The most special gifts for Mother's Day

Mother there is only one and that is why you should tell her everything that it means to you on this appointed day. Yes, we know that it is the invention of the big companies to commemorate that day, but even so it seems necessary to have it marked on the calendar and do something special. As we sometimes lack gift ideas to surprise or to thrill, we wanted to collect 6 special gifts with which you will make your mother get really excited.

Give a plant with an original pot

Create your own personalized enameled cup with a cool photo of your mother or both / together and transplant a plant inside the cup. You can wrap it in an original way where only the plant is seen, and when you remove the wrap you will be surprised with this cool and original pot.

I want to create my pot

Create a special canvas

Check all the photos you have of your mother and that she does not even know they exist and creates a beautiful canvas to put on the wall of her house. With our free editing program it will be super easy and fast to create a beautiful canvas. Choose the best photo you have of your mother, get a professional finish and surprise her with a gift that is not expected.

I want to create my canvas

Create your photo album

Do something with love and a lot of fun like a photo album with a special title like “1000 ways to tell you I love you”, and write in this album all the ways you would like to say I love you with your funny pictures and emotional. It will be especially exciting to remember old times and keep those memories always on your shelf. You just have to take care of selecting the photos you want to put in the album, customize it as you want and write a beautiful dedication; We take care of printing it with the best quality and sending it where you want before Mother's Day.

I want to create my photo album

Create a cool cushion with drawings

custom cushion

Give some color to your mother's house and create a personalized cushion with drawings of her grandchildren or yours when you were young … Or why not, draw a picture that represents something very special for your mother and put it on a personalized cushion that, although we are older, it is sometimes exciting to unleash our creativity. Simply scan the drawings and choose the cushion you like best. We have to tell you that, if you download the free Hofmann program, you have the possibility to decorate the two sides of the cushion with the images you want, here we show you how to:

I want to create my cushion

Create a custom iPad case

Get an extra color on your mother's iPad. You can choose to make a collage with your photos, put an image of your favorite artist or put photos of your mother with your father. There are two types of housing, the Smart cover for Ipad with 14 different background colors and that of Ipad mini. If you choose the collage option you can include several photos that inspire. You can give it to your mother and / or make one for yourself with photos of your children, whatever it is we guarantee you will love it.

mother's day gift

I want to create an Ipad case

Create an album with your old photos

old photo album

Get all the old photos your mother has when she is young with her parents, with her siblings and with her childhood friends and create a thematic photo album with all her black-white photos. Ask family and friends to send you photos they have of your mother from when she was young, and design a thematic album with them. Do it in chronological order or separate it by theme and write comments on some pages. Choose a thematic background in the album that you like and give it your personal touch. What are we going to get a tear of emotion?

I want to make my album with old photos

We hope that you decide what you decide to give her, spend a special day with her and make her see everything that means to you. Mother like yours, there is none.

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