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10 original gifts to do on Father's Day


On March 19 we celebrated Father's Day and I know we are all looking for ideas to surprise our father, to make him feel special and to remind him how much we love him. We want to be original, we need that the gifts are well priced, that they reach the heart and that they are useful.

The children of the house will arrive excited with their crafts made at school, but if you want to surprise the father with something else, here are some ideas with which you will triumph. Also, it never hurts a detail with your father.

Gifts for original parents

1. Gifts for father's day

Give away music that excites. Give it a Premium Spotify account in your family or purchase a disc from your favorite artist so your father knows you a little more and always takes a part of you. If you already have Spotify, you can give him a few lists created especially for him, so he can enjoy them wherever he goes. We know that giving away music is a regalazo .

2. Give away beers with a personalized design

  Father's day gifts

This gift is for parents very brewers. With this gift you will be left with your mouth open. There are several websites that allow you to customize the label of your beer, with names, design, photos, etc; and they just send your beer home. You just have to google a little bit.

But, if you want a more low cost gift, you can buy the beer that your father likes, remove the original labels by putting the beers in hot water, customize your labels with some basic program of design and then stick them on the beer bottles that you have bought.

3. Give your father the best memories

  gifts father's day

Give something that remains in time forever. Now that everyone uses Smartphones, who does not have photos on their mobile? Hofmann's application to make SmartAlbum® is perfect to pass your photos from the phone to the paper in a couple of clicks and with a super intuitive interface. We encourage you to try it.

I want to start my SmartAlbum

4. Crafts for Father's Day

  Crafts Father's Day

For those who like to write, for the little ones in the house, for those who have a super adjusted budget, etc, we recommend that write a letter to your father telling him everything you are learning from him or everything you admire about him. It can be a postcard made by you or a purchased postcard. If you choose to make a manual postcard, have your children participate, and this will be a very special gift.

5. Give a personalized mug

  personalized gifts father's day

A perfect gift for this March 19 is a personalized mug for your father with some picture of you as a young person, or with your parents' picture so that each breakfast can enjoy it If you want to put a cool filter on the photo or put a different effect, we recommend you take a look at our application recommendations to edit photos, and make a special design for your breakfast cup.

Create my cup

6 Give a trip to nature

  father's day - gifts

Do you remember those summers in which you spent all day in the street with your father learning to ride a bike, fish or play ball ? Well, we have to tell you that both of you miss it. Plan a family trip with grandchildren, siblings, mother, father and couples and make Father's Day a perfect excuse to get together all together and give thanks to your father for existing.

7. Original gifts for father's day

  gifts father's day

Create a canvas with photos of your father. You can create a mosaic with photos with the free program Andrea Mosaic that will make a mosaic with all the photos. Then you print it big and there will be a beautiful canvas. A detail that will not leave you indifferent. If you do not have so much time, you can choose a photo and create a personalized canvas, a canvas collage or a block of wood.

It's a gift for father's day with which you will guess for sure.

I want to surprise my father

8. Original gifts for parents

  gifts for parents

To the more technological parents you can give them a Smart Finder so that with the latest technology you can locate any object and do not lose never anything else. It is ideal for the keys, but you can put it on the remote control, in the wallet, etc. With this device you can find what you want by sound and its LED indicator, when you download the application on your smartphone.

9. Surprise gifts for parents

  original gifts for parents

Give a concert to your father and your mother. Make the place and the debutants a surprise. We recommend you take a look at the SofarSounds page that offers cheap concert tickets in clandestine places and with surprise groups. That is, until the day before you do not know where the concert will be and until you are at the concert you will not know who you will see.

It is a great way to meet new music and spend time with your parents in an intimate atmosphere. In Spain they are made in 10 different locations, such as Seville, Tenerife, Malaga, Madrid, A Coruña, Barcelona, ​​etc. So you just have to choose your day and encourage yourself to give something different.

10. Give your father a dinner cooked by you

  father's day gift - surprise

Do not forget, a gift thought and worked is a more special gift and a dinner in your house, cooked by you and your brothers can be something very special If you're always going to dine out there, or you have little time to devote to them, go ahead and surprise them with a formal invitation to taste your culinary skills.

If still, these gift ideas have not convinced you at all, we have other 8 gift recommendations for parents who have to convince you Happy Father's Day!

I need to see more gifts for my father

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