Gifts : 10 original gifts for your boyfriend

Tranquility. You know it well. You know what he likes most and what he doesn't like so much. You have all the information to make your boyfriend an original gift this Valentine.

If you have been together for a long time, you may think that your resources are running out, but it's not like that. This you will get ahead and we will help you.

Personalized gifts for boyfriends are still gifts like any other. And the couple, they also have their little hearts, let's go get him!

10 gifts to conquer (again) your boyfriend

1. Photo album with all your moments

Choose a trip or a great time, of those in which you take a thousand photos every day, and prepare a Hofmann album With all your love Add the dates to each photo, phrases or texts telling you how much you love him. It will stay stone!

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2. Give a calendar with surprises

calendar - valentines gifts

Give a calendar with your best photos but put surprises in it. Plan a trip and include the date written on the days you see yourself, buy tickets for a concert that excites you and put the photo of the concert on the day it is. You just have to choose the photos to personalize your Hofmann calendar and guaranteed success.

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3. Give your boyfriend reasons why you love him

what to give your boyfriend for valentine
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Let's soften your heart a little with a DIY gift that will cost you very little. The material that you will have to use the most will be your heart, the rest is to write on some papers the reasons why you love him and why you want to continue with him and put them in a glass jar. You want that no, that someone has that detail for their partner melts hearts.

4. Minicaja or frame with photographs

original gift for boyfriend
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Choose your best photos and join them in a sequence With white masking tape to have a gift that is sure to touch the fiber too, place them in a small box. You can also join them with a rope and tweezers that include Hofmann's retro development and fill in a frame with pictures hanging or choose one of them and create one of our canvases. An original and cheap gift!

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5. A souvenir box for your boyfriend

valentines gifts

Do you remember your first concert together? And of your first trip? Surely you keep memories of those moments. You just have to put them together, put them all in a box and wait to see his face of emotion as soon as he opens it.

6. Original gift for your boyfriend

original valentines gifts

The one of a lifetime. Share with him this pleasure and prepare him a super breakfast. By the way you can stay all morning swirling in bed, another of life's pleasures.

7. The most original gift for your boyfriend

gifts for your boyfriend
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Who would not like to have kisses and hugs at the moment? Or go to the movies and eat sushi when you feel like it? Prepare some love coupons to redeem when he wants and includes massages, food, movies, pampering … We know that you do not need the coupons but it is nice to receive all these gifts in one.

8. Give a homemade dinner for couples

original valentines gifts

Prepare an intimate atmosphere and cook your favorite dish. Make it a surprise and when you get home just see the prepared table, the burning candles and the smell of homemade dinner. These details will make you fall in love again and it will be another two-in-one gift for you and for him.

9. Give a weekend in nature for Valentine's Day

original valentines gifts

Rent a couple of nights in a rural house to breathe fresh air, get out of the routine and disconnect from the city. Tell him to pack his bags with hiking boots and warm clothes, but don't tell him where you're going. Have him get a surprise while trying to guess it on the road, giving him (giving you) a weekend in nature together. And if you want to go further, take the bags and go for Glamping. Surely it is your first time and it will surprise you.

10. Make many gifts for Valentine

original valentines gifts

Wrap several gifts and give them every hour. You can wrap several books, small colonies, t-shirts, music records, etc. and hide them around the house. You can do a gymcana around the house, or put them all in the same pile that sees them, but cannot open them. You will die of intrigue when you see the pile of gifts.

And if you don't have enough ideas and need more ideas to surprise your boyfriend, we recommend more original gifts here:

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