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6 Gadgets to take pictures with your mobile this holiday


Are you going on vacation and do not have space to take a camera? Do not worry because we have been in that same situation and with some help for your mobile phone you can take great pictures of your adventures in your vacations. That's why we've written this article, because we want to help you make a list of the technological gadgets you'll need this holiday.

Gadgets technology to take photos with your mobile

Now that you're going on vacation without space for anything, it's time to get one of these tools; Snoop with your friends and family and make good photos to then create enviable photo albums or upload them to your Instagram account.

1- A tripod for your camera

  tripode mobile camera

No good photo without tripod . If you want to make still photos that are the maximum, as well as videos maintaining the angle without you perishing in the attempt, this is your gadget. To buy the one that best suits what you are looking for, you will have to look at features such as size, weight, stability, that has a support that fits your phone, etc.

Flexible tripods are now available with bluetooth remote control and that allow you to stick to the trees, to the bike or to a staircase.

2- Get a telephoto lens for the mobile

  telephoto camera mobile

If you put a mobile phone telephoto will allow you to have an ultra long view while maintaining a very good resolution. This gadget for your mobile is perfect if you go from Safari, you like to take pictures of the birds or you do not want to take the camera when you go to the country. You can get it for less than 20 euros and with great quality.

To use it you must put the phone on the tripod and place the telephoto lens on it; Adjust the lens and calibrate the shutter and make all the photos you want. It is placed on the lens of the camera with a special built-in adapter and does not weigh or occupy anything.

3- Fisheye lens for mobile

  fisheye lens for mobile

You can opt for a macro lens designed to focus at very short distances that will allow you to reflect the details that you want to perfection. Or you can opt for a fish eye for your mobile with which you will make incredible photos of your vacation, is like a wide-angle taken to the extreme.

4- Folding phone holder

This new invention is a revolution, it is a flexible support that you can hook it on any surface and adjust the angle completely to make your photos or selfies. You can also use it to go by bike, to see something in bed or to do what you want. Rotate 360 ​​degrees and adjust to the angle you want.

5- Waterproof case for mobile

  mobile waterproof case

If you do not have a waterproof mobile phone but you want to take photos on the beach, it's best to get a waterproof case There are covers that protect you from the rain and some spatters but that do not allow you to submerge the phone under water. If you want a case that allows you to submerge for less than 8 euros you can get one of the brand MoKo or Mosslian, which come with a built-in strap to hang your phone around your neck. This way you will be able to make funny pictures while swimming or diving but you will have free hands whenever you want.

6- Portable solar charger

  solar charger - gadgets for mobile

This portable solar charger is our favorite gadget. We always have problems with the cell phone battery after a long day of photos when we go on vacation. It is an external battery that is charged with sunlight but can also be charged with electricity. It has the size of a mobile phone but the ability to recharge an iPhone up to 10 times.

We advise you always do not forget your photos on your mobile or computer and you dare to create an album with your holiday photos. You will not regret it!

I want an album with my photos

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