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Custom original birthday gifts


Celebrating life is something we should do every day, but above all, on marked days of the year such as birthdays we have more reason to do so.

Many times it brings us head to find the perfect gift, we do not know if they will already have it, if it will serve them, if they will like it ... But in this life we ​​have to take risks and try to do something new; so with a personalized gift sure you surprise for good. Keep in mind that there are times when people do not get along when they grow up, so avoid numbers on your gifts if this is the case, but most importantly: think about the person you are making a gift of.

one. Surprise birthday present

If you want to do something fun, prepare a yincana with different tracks throughout the house, streets and / or gardens. Make the clues pieces of a puzzle with a message written on it. Until you have all the pieces, you can not know where your final gift is hiding and while you are solving the puzzle, you will spend a good time deciphering the tests and having fun.

2. Original gifts for men or women

  original personalized gifts

A gift for men or women that is always a hit is something of clothes: a shirt, a shirt, a tie, some earrings ...

But as we know that that's very obvious, we want you to do something a little more original: write a special and funny message on a shirt with a picture of him. Or personalize a shoe for him or her. In online stores like Vans or All Star you can personalize them even with your photo!

3. Make the same personalized gift

  original gifts

Make some birthday gift with slight changes in tradition. For example, create a calendar with photos in which each year there are funny and funny pictures of all together.

Make your birthday the reason for give him a calendar that begins with the month of his birthday. . Write down all the birthday dates of all the friends, the holidays you have scheduled together and the important days. Create your calendar in the language you want from our program absolutely FREE: choose the start month and customize it as you want.

I want to download the FREE edition program

4. Useful and original gifts

  Birthday gifts

Give life and color. Purchase or prepare yourself a Culture Kit with an easy-to-understand care manual. Make them have their own urban garden at home buying several seeds, soil or a kit already prepared with all the utensils. If it does not convince you, we recommend that you take a flowerpot and paint it to your liking, dedicating it to who turns years and put your favorite flowers in it.

5. Original birthday gifts

  personalized original gifts

Give something you know you need or that will be good for you. Try to test before your birthday what you need, what you miss and get it on time. A gift that comes to mind very useful is a fully customized phone housing . If you have an iPhone or a Galaxy, we recommend that you take a look at our section of mobile phone cases and create the one you like the most.

I want to create a personalized case

6. Birthday present for girlfriend

  gift for girlfriends

Give the photos of all your childhood together, your last vacation or your last reunion. Create a small photo album and write comments on each page.

Customize from the cover to your interior and give it your personal touch. Choose from our variety of albums and start collecting photographs, we assure you that you will be surprised by the result.

I want to create my own photo album

7. Cheap gifts for birthday kids

  birthday party decoration

If you go to a party and have not had time to prepare any gift, collaborates with the decorations of the house by buying some garlands, headlights or balloons. Help the party is fantastic and full of color, helps the birthday person to decorate the party in the best way. If you lack ideas, we give you some on how to decorate a birthday here. If you have time you can even prepare a photocall or photocall props for birthday photos and have fun while creating this very cheap gift.

8. Create a picture with pop-art style pictures

  birthday present

Choose a picture for create a picture in the style of Andy Warhol . It is a completely original gift and depending on the time you have you can have a very artistic work. Try the VSCO or POPART type applications. In this blog we explain the main differences between these apps to edit your photos.

I want to create a picture with photos

9. Gifts at a distance

  Video of celebrations

Let's not make distance an excuse to not have a special detail with the person who turns years. Let's prepare a video to congratulate you . Let's make a short script with the things we want to say, and with a video of one minute or a minute and a half it will be a big hit.

Record with your mobile camera or ask someone to help you; you can explain the reasons why you want that person, why he is your friend, or why you are still in his life; You can tell a funny anecdote or sing a song. He will be very excited and even funny, so do not hesitate.

10. Gift decoration

  gift decoration Hofmann

If, in addition to the video, you want to have a more physical detail and you want to create a picture to send home we recommend that you take a look at our section of photo decoration . We have from table cloths, through cushions, methacrylate paintings and even lacquered wood photos among many things.

I want to give decoration

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