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The little ones are starting to climb the walls and they have the toys scattered throughout the house. You’ve come to the point of admiring their teachers so much that you’ve thought about erecting a monument to them… But don’t panic, we’ve got just what you need to keep your kids busy (and quiet!): Puzzles! Plus, they are custom puzzles!
A personalized puzzle, in which you choose even the photo that the little ones will have to compose, is a great way to keep your little hands busy and away from the TV remote control. Do not rush it is very easy. We have prepared a guide to help you create custom puzzles that you are going to love.

Do’s and Don’ts When Creating a Puzzle

1- Select the photo with your kids. They will be very excited to look at the photos and decide which one they want to turn into a puzzle, so they will have an even better time doing it later. And the better they have fun, the more free time you’ll have!
2- Choose a striking photo, with many colors and details. This is not the time to be minimal or to opt for black and white photos.
3- Do not choose a photo in which a third or more of the space is occupied by a single element, such as the sky, the sea or a background of a single color, since the puzzle could be too difficult for a child of five years . To avoid this, you can enlarge the photo and select the part where there are more details and colors, as long as it is not too pixelated in our creation studio.
4- Do not select a photo with a very strong color filter because it could generate too many very similar pieces.

Start creating my photo puzzle

How many pieces should a puzzle have for a child?

49 pieces ············· Up to 5 years
100 pieces ··········· Between 5 and 7 years
200 pieces ··········· Between 8 and 10 years
500 pieces ··········· Over 10 years
1000 pieces ·········· For teenagers and parents with lots of patience!
2000 pieces ········· For when you want to see the complete trilogy of The Lord of the Rings without interruptions of your three musketeers.

What kind of image would be suitable for the puzzle?

Ok, now that you know how many pieces you need, it’s time to decide which photo to turn into a puzzle. Most kids like to see themselves in photos, so one of them hanging out with you or other family members is a safe bet. A photo of an animal (better of your pet, if they have) is also always a good option.
And if, like many of us, you have never had the opportunity to take a beautiful photo of a giraffe, a unicorn or a lion, we suggest you look for them on, which is a website where you can directly download photos of animals without copyright. Here are some nice photos of giraffes, penguins, cats and birds.

You can also create a puzzle with a photo of their favorite TV characters, superheroes or soccer players, or make them feel proud of themselves by creating the puzzle with a photo of one of their own colored drawings.
If you want the puzzle to be an educational experience, you can also make a fun alphabet puzzle like the one you see below, which you can download for free. Plus, there are tons of fun drawings available in Free Vectors!

The advantages of puzzles

Children learn and have fun doing puzzles; It is a fun activity that helps them develop their minds in many ways. Improve your mental processes and your ability to solve problems by trial and error. It also develops their short-term memory and, above all, their spatial reasoning, which in turn helps them transform concepts into concrete ideas. It can be useful when playing sports or doing math, chemistry or physics exercises. You could say that it is your daughter or son’s first step towards becoming an astronaut! And last but not least, if your little one is entertaining himself with a puzzle, you could allow yourself that little sleep of half an hour that you miss so much every afternoon!

Create my puzzle with photos

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