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I don’t know what happened to us, but our hand has gone buying toilet paper. We know that there are several explanations in relation to this; It is one of the most voluminous products and it is the one that is seen in the shopping carts of others, and it is also the product that leaves a very large gap in the supermarket when it is missing and that is why we realize it. Whatever it is and because we are in the same situation as you; With toilet paper, with children and with many days ahead, we are going to tell you what crafts you can do with the excess toilet paper cartons, with some paints, scissors and all the time in the world ahead. Here we go.

Birdhouses with cardboard toilet paper

We love these fictional birdhouses because they add color and joy to the room. There are several steps and all in order:

  1. Surround the roll cardboard with a sheet of a color that we like or failing to paint it the color we want.
  2. Stick it with glue around the cardboard.
  3. Do the door with scissors so that the bird can lean on it.
  4. Create the cap of this original house with a sheet of another color. Cut a sheet in the shape of a triangle and glue it together.
  5. Decorate the cap as we want, with clippings from magazines, newspapers or paintings.
  6. Make the bird with two balls of wool. One larger than the other glued together.
  7. Create eyes and beak with folios and colors. First the orange triangle beak and then two eyes cutting out a white sheet and with a black dot in the middle.
  8. Hang this birdhouse in the room and take photos of our creation.

Flowers with cardboard toilet paper

flowers with toilet paper

These crafts are for little hands, but of course anyone can try it. It consists of cutting the rolls of toilet paper into strips and creating flowers with glue. You can put a stick in the middle and glue each part of the cardboard there. They can paint the paper roll before cutting it and making colorful flowers. They can also give it volume and sticking one next to the other. If you see that the structure is very flimsy, put it on a sheet of paper as a base and walk it around the house with the possibility of showing them in video calls. Let it not be said that creativity is lacking in this time of confinement!

A train with toilet paper roll

toilet paper roll crafts

There is no need to throw the cartons in the trash, let’s recycle them and use them to make crafts. We will continue with a train. To create a train with the rolls of toilet paper they have to have paints and scissors, you just have to join the rolls of paper with threads and decorate them as children like best.

  1. Link the rolls of paper to create the structure with glue and rope.
  2. Paint them as we like to shape our train.
  3. Create our wheels for the train, to be able to be of colors.
  4. Glue the wheels with thumbtacks or something less dangerous and for children that we have at home.
  5. Create one fireplace cutting the cardboard and making it narrower.
  6. With some folios or newspapers create the train tracks with trees, people and cars so we can play with it.
  7. Have fun with this game and keep it alive until the end of the confinement to show it to our friends.

Fish with toilet paper carton rolls

These goldfish are a higher level. You just have to collect paints, scissors, a gold marker and glue.

  1. Starts cutting a sheet red (or painted red) to stick around the cardboard
  2. Paste it with glue around the whole cardboard
  3. Then you have to make the fins and tail of fish with folios and pens. Let your imagination free
  4. Paint the scales of the toilet paper with the golden marker in addition to giving the color you want to your fish but leaving the lips unpainted

Four. Fold the tail part, as you can see in the image, and glue it very hard with glue (using a clip) putting the glue in the middle of it.

5. Make some eyes with a sheet and a marker.

6. Stick them on top, and you have your first fish ready.

7. Make them do fish for all the relatives those who miss, will be entertained for a long time.

Create characters with paper cards

In times of war anything goes for us. In these days that we are going to spend a lot of time without seeing our friends and family, we have to create fictional characters to entertain us and to be able to play with them. They can create their cousins, their grandparents, their best friends…. only with some wool, some bottle caps and some buttons can make some very cool characters like the ones in the photo.

Depending on the age of your little ones, they will make more or less elaborate works of art, but they will surely be beautiful. And since we want to entertain ourselves by watching them, share them under the hashtag: #I stay at home Y #MiHofmann so we can see how beautiful they have been.

If you see that you have run out of toilet paper rolls and patience for crafts and you still need ideas to play at home, here we have compiled 30 games to play indoors and keep the little ones and not so little ones entertained.

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