Gifts : 10 ideas to decorate your room with photos

The room is the most intimate and personal space in our house. Those four walls are our territory and, as such, their style and decoration are closely linked to ourselves.

As the room is an area that visitors do not usually go to, we often neglect the way to decorate this space and simply place decorative elements without order or concert.

In order for your room to become your favorite space in the house, we propose a form of decoration that you will love using your favorite photos. Go choosing the photos that you like the most!

How to decorate your room with photos

1. Photo collage on the wall of the room

Buy a metal mesh to decorate or a metal grid panel like the one you see in the photo to place it on the wall. Hang your most artistic photos, hats, jewelry and your illustrations on it. Create a memory board on your bedroom wall where you can easily add new images whenever you want. Also, if you want to add an extra touch of color to the room, you can place lights surrounding the panel.

room decoration with photos

2. Decoration with photos hanging on the wall

Do something different and fun to decorate your room. First of all, organize a photo session with your family and put a funny motif on each photo. You can choose between mustaches, masks, hats or whatever comes to mind. Then, you just have to choose the format in which you want to print it to hang it on the wall; from wooden blocks to Forex charts. Select the format you want and let your imagination run wild.

room decoration with photos

Start decorating my wall with photos

3. Decorative vinyl with photos

Another idea to decorate your room is to put a vinyl on the wall in the way you decide. It can be a world map, a tree, or a phrase. Before placing it, distribute the photos on the floor next to the vinyl to see how it will look. Once you have everything in mind, it’s time to get down to business and start putting all the photos in your bedroom.

polaroid pictures decoration

Reveal my Instagram-style photos

4. Photos on shelves

When we think of how to decorate a room with photos The image of some photos hanging on the wall comes to mind. You can innovate a lot if you replace or complement the photos on the wall with others on shelves. Reveal the photos that you like the most and place them in frames that you will leave on the shelf and leaning against the wall. You can choose themes or ranges of colors to give more homogeneity to the decoration. Try to reveal your photos in standard size and place them next to others with enlargements. Do you know what is best of all? You won’t have to make holes in the wall!

5. Vintage photos with tweezers

This idea to decorate the room is perfect for any space or for any party you organize at home. Put a rope or tape on the wall and use small clothespins to hang the photos. You can use the developments that are trending right now, like our retro developed or our developed square to make the decoration with photos more original.

vintage decoration with photos

Print my photos in retro style

6. Wall clock with photos

Surely in your room you have a standard clock, which marks the hours like all the others. Why not have a clock with your 12 favorite photos? You should start by looking for the photos that you like the most and reveal them. You can frame or paste them directly on the wall. This already depends a little on the type of style that you like the most: minimalist, rural, modern … Using different frames will achieve a perfect dynamism effect for your watch. You just have to look for some separate needles to the hour numbers and locate it in the center. It is important that the photos are located where the numbers would go. Now it will be a pleasure to watch the hours go by from bed!

decorate room with photos

7. Decorate with graphics

Alternate your favorite photos with motivational phrases. Print small photo details on your paintings or select details or patterns that appeal to you to get an elegant and balanced room. Too many photographs can stun anyone, so give your room a stylish touch with this almost minimalist decor.

pictures with photos

8. Ideas to decorate with photos retro style

A very special idea to decorate your room is to ask your friends and family for portraits or make them yourself and print them in retro style. Place them on top of each other to fill your walls with friends and family who smile at you or look at you and you will create a very cozy wall. It is a very cheap way to decorate your room without spending money with revealed photos.

room decoration with photos

Print photos in retro style

9. Decorate with personalized photo cushions

Not everything will be printed photos in the original format. If you dare with something original, why don’t you make your personalized cushions with the photos you choose? From the Hofmann program we make it very easy for you to choose the fabric and size you want; you just have to take care of choosing a photo (or several) so that they are printed forever.

See how to make your own cushion from the Hofmann Program in this tutorial:

Create my cushions with photos

10. How to decorate my room with photos: three photos in one

If you want to give an elegant touch to the decoration of your room, choose the same motifs for 3 different frame formats and place them in order. Your room will have a personal and sober touch that will make you feel at home. You can divide a photograph into three different frames; Or you can also take the same motif: plants, animals, artists … And create your personalized paintings, decorating your room to your liking.

Let your imagination run wild and be creative. And if it doesn’t convince you, try something different!

how to decorate a room

I want to create my pictures with photos

How to decorate children’s rooms with photos

Children’s rooms have to meet certain qualities, such as being comfortable. It is also important that they are adapted to children, their growth, their play needs, their rest … Is it impossible to decorate them with the latest trends and meet all these requirements? Not at all! You only have to choose the furniture and accessories well to create an environment that everyone likes.

Through some simple tips we are going to propose ideas to decorate the children’s room with photos.

1. Decorate the room with a collage poster

Make a selection of photos from the last trip, looking for the same theme so that there is a harmonious set. Your children can help you choose the most beautiful ones and place them on your poster as a collage. You will love the result.

2. Decorate with boxes

A very easy way to keep everything tidy is sort objects into boxes. Books, toys, paintings … You can help yourself with posters or photos so that children quickly recognize where everything is going.

Tips for decorating children's rooms_

With this ordering system it will be almost a game for them and the bedroom will be collected and precious. As a trend I will highlight the wooden or wicker boxes in natural tones combined with pastel colors or those of fabric with bright motifs. Two very different but very cute styles.

And if you are tricky you can encourage yourself to make DIY boxes like the ones in the photo with fruit baskets and painted with chalkpaint. Ideals, right?

3. Custom cushions

Making a personalized cushion is a very fun way to bring our memories into physical format. Suggest that the children choose two of their favorite drawings, scan them and stamp them on the cushions. You do not know the illusion that will make them see their drawings on the cushions when they get home.

This is how we encourage your creativity by giving value to your work. What better than decorating the room with works by the artist himself!

4. All washable

Thanks to Murphy’s funny, it is enough that we have something that we do not want children to stain so that it is the first and only thing where the gum sticks, the juice falls or ends with an incipient but clear stain. So it is best to have as many washable items as possible to avoid discomfort. In addition, today we can even find rugs or customizable cushions washable A wonder!

Tips for decorating children's rooms__

5. Best custom

It seems like a lie but the kids love to see their photos and recognize places they have visited so we can use all these elements as allies and decorate the walls with their photos or make them, for example, personalized stories! Surely they are the only ones that do not end defaced!

The result has been a unique and personal decoration, but without a doubt the best thing is to spend time together choosing and preparing everything. Engaging children in decorating is a very fun and stimulating activity for them.

Here you have our advice, but free your imagination and invent your own creations, ask them, they surely have very original ideas

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