Gifts : 15 Activities to stay positive and active in these days of confinement

How are you doing in confinement? We know that sometimes it gets complicated and also, we have a lot of over-information, but from Hofmann we want to help make this situation happen as best as it can and that we try to take advantage of it and have fun as much as possible. We already share 30 ways to entertain little animals at home. Today we want to share some tips for adults on how to stay positive and what we can do to entertain ourselves before worry and anxiety eat us up inside. Here we go.

1. Take an online course

If you have always wanted to do an interior design course, a computer course or learn how to do photography, now you have the time and the possibility to do it. You have to take time and organize your day well and leave two hours to learn what you have always wanted to learn. You can take a look at Mooc, Coursera or the Learn Free page all of them with free courses of a wide variety such as: languages, accounting, emotions of language, physical therapy exercises or programming among others.

2. Tidy up your closet and recycle clothes

quarantine activities

What better opportunity that we are seeing spending the spring locked up at home and maybe until the summer, to clean clothes, closets and even shelves. Make a full mess.

3. Fix the broken things you have around the house

Come on, we came out of this reinforced and with the house impeccable. All the things you have to sew have to be sewn right now. That broken sofa or the cushion that is missing feathers need a dedication that only right now you can give them. Paint the chair that lacks so much color, paste that vase that broke and is waiting to revive, etc.

4. Take care of your garden

activities to stay positive

Well, if you have a garden you are already quite lucky; but with garden we also refer to the plants of the house and the balcony. Move them around, water them, transplant them if you need to, and cut the leaves or grass if you always had someone cut it for you. It is time to dedicate love and time to your home.

5. Spend time with your friends and family

invest time in friends

There are people who are going through this confinement alone and we have to make an extra effort to be there for them. Let’s call more times than we normally do, send photos and videos of ourselves, sing happy birthday by videoconference and make lunches and dinners with our friends online. Let’s take care of our elders and our friends simply by being there for them and reminding them of everything we will do together when this is over.

6. Try cooking new recipes

cooking - adult activities

Different cuisine now that you have time to do it. Try recipes from your grandmother or your parents that you never dared to make. Instead of ordering a pizza or Indian food from a take away Try to make yourself the dough or the Indian food with many spices and a long time ahead. Of course, if you can ask the little ones in the house to help you in this much better task, the tastier everything will be. If you need new recipes take a look at the Comidista or these recipes of the movement Realfooding or “real food” to keep the line on these days.

7. Rearrange the furniture in your house

different house decoration

Have you been wanting to change the layout of the room for years or have you never thought about it? Dare now and change the TV and the sofa, move your bed and the wall shelves. Rearrange the entire kitchen and optimize resources and pots to keep order.

8. Try a different decoration

confinement activities

If you are lucky to have paint at home, get down to work and paint the walls of your room making beautiful designs or simply creating decorative borders on the floor. You can also try to make home decoration with photos that you have old and stick them on the walls or if you have rope and glue you can create baskets for the bathroom with simply cardboard boxes or glass jars. Innovate and have fun redecorating your home.

9. Cleaning of notes and agendas

cleaning -safarrancho at home

My goodness the jewels that we have found in our rooms during this quarantine. Papers from our university and our first jobs, diaries, memories from years ago, and old tickets for concerts and movies. We can suggest you create a Scrapbook with all these memories, but we also encourage you to get rid of all of it. There are things you have around the house that are part of your furniture but are totally useless.

10. Read books

read books-stay positive

Make up for all your late reading time and start reading the books that have been giving you away for years. Start with a fresh and fun read, if you have a chance, to abstract yourself from so much bad news. But if you have experience in reading, we will tell you to take a fresh reading with something more intense, and depending on your mood, throw yourself into one book or another. Here are 10 books to download for free that publishers and authors have shared in these days of quarantine.

11. Do yoga and breathing exercises

In these moments of tension and anxiety we must not forget to take care of mental health. If you are already an expert in yoga and breathing exercises, take a little time each day to exercise. But if you need extra help, go to YouTube, where you will find many tutorials and free classes. We have chosen Elena Malova because we love the way she explains the exercises and the different postures; It also has playlists for breathing and exercises for all levels.

12. Learn to play that instrument you have always wanted

Learn to play an instrument

We already know many people who have finally started to play the ukulele or the tiny piano that was stored in the storage room. We encourage you to do so! If you don’t have anything at home we can encourage you to create your homemade instruments and organize a concert at home. Even if you don’t have the perfect and necessary material, try to let your imagination run wild and create something fun. Here you can learn to play the ukulele, here you can play the acoustic guitar and for most of you who don’t have instruments at home you can try playing body percussion.

13. Organize your last vacation photos

organize vacation photos

We know that there may still be time for the next vacation and we should not despair with it. At Hofmann we have thought of reviewing and rearranging the photos that we have on the mobile and on the computer in different folders. If you feel like creating a photo album, we also encourage you to do so. Although you may not be able to receive it during this quarantine, you will already have it organized and ready to order.

I want to create my album

14. Dance and enjoy

We have to replace dance classes and party nights with dancing in our own home. Don’t be embarrassed, start with zumba, hip hop or bachata and follow the steps from any online video every day. If you want to avoid being in front of a screen because you spend all day on it, you can turn the music on loud and dance at your own pace and with your own steps. You will see what happiness you give off after your dances! In addition, we want you to convince the rest of the members of the house and everyone be encouraged to wiggle their hips.

15. Have a party at home or House party

video calling application

Since we have found this App called House party (Party at home) is our delight to make video calls with our friends. It is an application to create virtual meetings with your friends and even with your friends’ friends, but with the extra component that the quality is unbeatable. In addition, it also has games for you to play virtually or for you to exercise together. If you want to download it, click here.

We do not want you to become the most productive people in the world and that will cause you discomfort. We know that at the end of the day and among so many events of applause, calls, meetings etc we lack the time. We only want to collaborate by giving ideas so that you stay active and positive in these days so homemade. Hopefully our ideas have served you well.

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