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Do you remember your grandmother’s French toast? Or from your uncle’s roast chicken? And what about your children’s chocolate cookie “projects”? In Spain we know that there is nothing better to get together than food in the center of a table, so why not start writing down all those delicious recipes and create your own family recipe book? If you don’t have enough recipes, include some of your favorite cooking show.

The time to make an album or reveal photos only of big events – a trip, a wedding, a birthday passed, Why limit yourself to just that when life is full of moments to remember? Here we want to make six suggestions for you to create the perfect cookbook:

1. Gather your recipes

A recipe book needs, well, recipes. So collect all those favorite dishes from your family, those that your friends have recommended to you at a dinner and those that you have seen cook on MasterChef and have ever presented as if they were homegrown. It doesn’t matter where you got them from, what matters is that they are rich!

2. Choose a theme for your recipe book

how to make a recipe book

Christmas classics, family favorites, delicious desserts … The list is endless. Select a topic that encompasses all those delicious recipes so you know exactly what you’re going to find in the book when you take it off the shelf.
If you are going to give it to someone, choose a topic that is relevant to that particular person. For example, if your first-born has decided to go live alone, why don’t you prepare him a unique recipe book full of his favorite dishes? That way he will take something from home to his new home and you will have the peace of mind that at least he will eat other things apart from pizza and pasta or something from the local Chinese.

3. Plan the cookbook

how to make a recipe book

Whether you want to start the book with a first course section or if you want to organize it by dedicating a section to each source from which you have obtained recipes, you should have an order so that you can easily find them. You can go traditional with a section for starters, another for seconds and another for desserts, or you can order recipes by ingredients: vegetables, meats, sweets, etc. Another idea is to follow the seasons of the year: a section full of typical summer dishes, another for hot dishes that are usually eaten in winter, etc.

4. Ready? Ready? LET’S COOK!

program to make a recipe book

Now that you have all the recipes organized, the next thing is to take photos to put them next to you. Don’t just look for old photos where these delicious dishes appear. Get cooking! You can photograph all the meals the same to give uniformity to the book. The best thing about this step is that you can frequently enjoy your favorite dishes!

5. Unleash your creativity

program to make a recipe book

When you have all your recipes collected and all your photos ready, where do you start? Where you want. You can customize the size and location of the photos, how many you will put on each page and in what order. You can also select the size and color of the font to give it a truly unique style.
Do you want to give it an even more personal touch? Well, choose a handwritten font to make it look more like a handmade book. Do you prefer to give it a Scandinavian touch? Well, select the Modern Sans Serif font to make it look clearer and easier. We have opted for a Vertical Digital Album so that the pages are flat and allow easy reading. We have also chosen a gloss finish, because it is perfect for cleaning splashes and spills.

Create my recipe book

Need a little help getting your recipes into the book? This blog post is full of suggestions and tips for adding text to photo albums so you can get started right away.

6. Share your cookbook

create recipe book

Like food, your recipe book is made for sharing. Whether you give it to someone or you keep it at home, the meals that come from it are sure to be super special.

Create my recipe book

If you need to see a sample cookbook we made one a long time ago. Now we want to see your creations to share with our followers, under the hashtagde #MiHofmann We will find them.

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