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The day of the dog is celebrated on July 21 and at Hofmann we know how important animals, in general, are for their owners. To celebrate this important date -and every day with our best friend-, we wanted to give you some ideas how to make a photo album for dogs or other pets, because they are part of the family, the joy of our days and they also deserve, without a doubt, that we save the moments that they give us daily. As we already did with our post on ideas to make a Hofmann cover, for inspiration we have turned to the people who know us best and who are examples of creativity. Guess what? Keep reading, because the next Hofmann of your dog or cat may be among the following examples …

The photographs in this post have been published by our clients on Facebook through participation in a raffle.

Creative Animals Album: The First Year

When our new pet comes home a real revolution takes place. His first months, when he begins to learn from us, how quickly he grows… These are moments that pass in practically a second and that we never want to forget. For this reason, making an album of our pet’s first year is a great idea (given to us by Cristina López Agrelo) so that we always keep that first stage in our memory.

Evolution of your pet

Create a photo album with your pet posing since it came into your life until today, selecting the photos in which your pet is most beautiful (which are usually all of them).

Album of your favorite pet

It accompanies us in our day to day, but is also present on special occasions: weddings, birthdays, the arrival of a baby, the last holidays … Selecting these types of images (either to make a complete album or a section, as Noelia Ortiz Costa did with her dog on her wedding day) is a way to create our album.

Some cover ideas for your Hofmann

Whatever you do, the cover will look good, because whatever your pet is, it seems to you the most beautiful in the world. However, we have compiled some examples of albums that Hofmann’s followers have made on Facebook that can serve as inspiration:

Still life photo: Create a still life with your cat and choose a neutral background for a composition as beautiful as this one. This photo has been shared by Dana on her social networks so that we can see her cat Robin that you can follow on her instagram.

General plane: as Mari Carmen Roca Tornero has done with her cat, so that you can see from top to bottom how cute she is.

Foreground: You can also opt for a close-up, as @saravil_ has done in this beautiful photo that captures Yena’s soul.

Artistic photo: Another option is to select a photo in which not only your pet appears, but also the landscape; In this example from Lu RS we see her dog enjoying the beach. With a photo of this type we will not only reflect how handsome he is, but how he has fun and plays, what he likes to do the most, etc.

Not just albums for your pet

For this reason, many of our followers have opted for other products in our store to immortalize their most faithful companions. Wood blocks, calendars, canvases or mugs are some examples, and the result could not be more adorable, don’t you think?

What Hofmann product would you customize with your pet?

We love Hofmann custom cushions. We recommend that you take a look at them.

I want my personalized cushion

How to photograph pets

When you think you have mastered the main photographic techniques, there comes a time when you discover that combining them quickly and with a good eye is not as simple as you thought. We are not talking about going as a reporter to conflict zones or catching the decisive goal in the final of a World Cup, we are talking about the pet photography.

The pets, those small and endearing beings -usually furry- that are as fun as they are complicated to photograph are the objective of this text. How to get good photos of and with our pets?

To begin with, it must be made clear that photographing your pet can be very simple if it is obedient and is still at your command. But in general, this situation will rarely occur. The good news is that living with a pet provides endless situations in which it is not necessary to be posing. It is enough that we know how to be attentive. So we will proceed with a series of tips that serve to get out of almost all situations.

1.- Camera always at hand

In a way, pets and babies share something in common: they are cute in moments and change position just as soon as the camera is in your hands. It is a universal law, so don’t fight it. It is better to adapt and have the camera at hand, as prepared as possible. Not kept in a closet.

2.- Get ahead instantly

You must detect in advance the favorable situations for a good photo. The moments of the meal, the walk or the nap are usually surrounded by potential situations. If on these occasions we play with them a bit and they are receptive, it is very likely that we will catch a good photo. But beware, many scenes or expressions only last a few moments. Be vigilant and keep the camera on even if you are not framing it.

3.- There is no second chance

Shoot as soon as it is in focus – that is, secure the first photo– do not wait half an hour for the expression to improve or make the funny, it may get bored and even that you both get bored. The good news is that at least you already have a good photo. Now you can wait for him to strike a better pose.

Pet photography
By: Juan Castromil @castromil and Carolina Denia @CarolinaD

4.- Speed ​​in every way

Remember that, since it will most likely not stop moving, it is advisable to use a fast exposure speed (from 1/125 up). With a fast exposure speed you will avoid blurry photos if it moves. Activate burst shooting mode – to ensure the decisive moment. Shoot multiple times – several times from each position – while calling the animal.

5.- Blur the background

As in portraits of people, the bokeh in the background can highlight the expression and the forms – with hair it is much more attractive. If we can use an open diaphragm that enhances the background blur, then we will get a contest photo.

6.- The environment

Agree. We have enough to control all the previous parameters to worry about the things that are around. But still you have to make a little effort. Just by moving half a meter to the right or left we can change the background of the image between a garbage can or a tree.

7.- No flash, please

Turn off the flash, since the flash not only breaks the magic of the moment, it is also likely to scare or change the attitude of the animal. And that’s not to mention the extremely high chances that they will come out as demonized cats and dogs with blood-red eyes.

8.- What objective?

With a good telephoto you can hunt your pet from a distance without him noticing, playing with other animals or even with someone from the family. They maintain a better proportion of the traits. If you prefer a angular, you can get more sympathetic perspectives, especially if the pet is closer to the optics and, of course, you can include a more vibrant environment and with other characters.

9.- How to photograph dogs: treats

Since the animal is unlikely to look directly into the camera, you can always put some kind of “treat” attached to the camera to attract the pet’s attention. Hopefully you can lead your curiosity to offer us nice images.

Pet photography
By: Juan Castromil @castromil and Carolina Denia @CarolinaD

10.- At your height

Once you master the first points we go with the extra ball. Crouch down to his height. It is not good if you half bend down and keep the camera less inclined. It will still be a choppy perspective and you will lose much of your expressiveness, as well as having a horrible framing. Drop to the ground if necessary (or use a camera with a flip-up screen – to put the lens at the same height as their eyes.

Where to photograph your pet: Moments to enjoy

The best strategy for photographing your pets is to create the ideal setting for them to be comfortable and responsive. We know that it is not easy to apply all the advice we have given you but we assure you that if you find or create the right conditions, everything will be much easier.

Best time for animal photography: Pet Day

If you wonder what is the best day to take advantage of our tips, mark January 17 in red on your calendar. This day is celebrated on the day of San Antón, the patron saint of animals. It is the date in which the news programs are filled with barking and meowing and we see how animals “occupy” the churches to be blessed. A different and fun day!

Pets give us all their love and make us smile when we need it most. Therefore, to return all that love they give us, we are going to celebrate their party with them in style.

Rural weekend

On many occasions we choose hotel establishments where we cannot access with animals. Although this trend is changing and there are already hotels that allow us to stay with our pet, and rural houses have been much more open to this trend. These establishments are located in rural areas, surrounded by nature. How about spending a few days disconnecting with your pet? If you have a dog, he will enjoy running around the field and will be super happy to spend so many hours with you. Can you think of a better plan for this winter than an afternoon together in the middle of nature?

Pet restaurants

There are already many restaurants that add to the trend of letting us enjoy a delicious meal without giving up taking our pet. How about keeping it in mind for the next dinner with your partner or your family? It will be great to share a table with your loved ones and have your faithful friend by your side as well. Do you want to go with your dog? Thanks to initiatives such as the blog of Mr Dog, you will know cuáles are the restaurants in your area that will make things easier for you when it comes to having lunch or dinner with your pet. And not just dogs anymore, if you have a cat, a bird … They will be welcome too! For alligators or bengal tigers it is more complicated, for now 😉

Original photos with your dog: beaches for pets

Although at first glance it may seem that you can go to the beaches with a pet because it is an open natural space, it is not like that. Even in winter and the beach is empty, you will not be able to run on the sand with your dog unless access is allowed for them. Fortunately, more and more beaches are “dog-friendly”, which makes it much easier to have a fun and different time running along the sea.

An afternoon together

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything complicated. Our pets are happy spending time with us. Playing with your dog, petting your cat or spending an afternoon in the sun with your bird while reading a book can be a great plan for them. And the best of all is that the love you give them will be returned multiplied by three.

How to make an animal album

You are sure to accumulate a thousand unforgettable moments with your pet since it came into your life. There are so many anecdotes that have happened together … Luckily, you have great photos of all those moments together. Wouldn’t it be a shame if they got lost? Pet photos are great. Sometimes they seem to pose for the camera. A great idea can be create a Hofmann of all those memories with your pet to be able to keep them for life. Or you can go further, and always take your pet, for example, in the case of your mobile.

Whoever has a pet knows how special each moment is with them. Enjoy this unique day together!

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