Gifts : How to make an original advent calendar?

December is here! And, from now on, we will count the days in another way. It is the time of Advent Calendar: a calendar that works like a countdown so that children – and not so children – know how much time is until Christmas.

Is tradition comes from Germany Protestant of the 19th century, in which children lit a candle for each day that passed until December 24.

Besides the sweet anticipation of the arrival of Christmas, the advent calendar has an even sweeter touch, since behind each day there are chocolates or candies that are discovered when the new day enters.

But these calendars are evolving, like everything else, and now we can also find toys or books behind every day. And in terms of its shape, the advent calendar is also changing and evolving towards much more creative versions. Check out some!

Ideas for creating personalized advent calendars

DIY advent calendar with toilet paper tubes

homemade advent calendar

The illusion on these dates has no limits, and neither does creativity. So you can build a calendar: you only need 24 rolls, a little thread, paper, glue, cardboard and a pair of scissors.

With all this you can create a kind of little house in which each roll is equivalent to one day. The surprise goes inside the roll, which is covered with circular pieces of cardboard.

Homemade advent calendar with envelopes

homemade advent calendar

Let’s make our advent calendar one more element of Christmas decoration. Take 24 envelopes, mark the day, paint them however you want, but always with a Christmas touch, ¡¡et voilà!

With colored boxes or cups

homemade advent calendar

Buy the boxes in any store (you will find them easily) and mark each one with its corresponding number. Fill them with whatever you want and stack them like a pyramid.

Let’s build a Christmas tree. Get some pieces of wood (which will form the branches), an elongated one (which will be the trunk) and start placing cups as if they were Christmas balls.

Ah, just in case, in Hofmann we customize mugs with the photo you want, click on the button and customize yours 😉

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Manual advent calendar in cork

In this case we are going to make a kind of cork boxes. We decorate them a bit, hang them on the wall and we can even put figures that match the decoration we have proposed.

Advent calendar with flower pots

homemade advent calendar

Those metal pots that are taken so much now are going to serve as containers for our gifts. Put a number with the corresponding day and you have a very original calendar.

Ideas for filling advent calendars with photos

homemade advent calendar

We are going to change the gifts for photos, so when we uncover one day our gift will be a photo, a nice memory. This is one of the favorites of HofmannIt’s clear why, right?

Print my photos

For coffee lovers

A very time of being at home warm, with the family, enjoying a good coffee … That is where the shots go, because we are going to use glasses of coffee to go and simply hanging a label with the number of the day, we will have a calendar on our taste.

How to make an advent calendar for kids

Since children discover what Christmas is and all the good and beautiful it brings with it (and I’m not just talking about gifts), the question is constant: “Mom, how long until Christmas?” And the answer is in the Advent calendars. The countdown begins!

Since counting days is something abstract and complicated for the little ones, there is a resource that always works wonderfully: calendars. Now the days have a complete and round meaning and group everything that goes from crossing out one day to crossing out the next. It is easier for the little ones to understand what time really means and for parents, it is easier to explain, for example, when the next weekend is coming or the birthday of a friend.

Also, crossing out the day that just ended on the calendar becomes part of the daily routine and serves as the perfect excuse to make the task of “going to bed” more bearable. Instead of “let’s get ready to go to bed,” now the claim is: “we’re going to cross the day off the calendar.” And the children are happy, although this is followed by the thousand and one tasks before going to bed: pajamas, brushing teeth, etc.

With Christmas approaching, we suggest two advent calendars for children that you can make at home. If you have time, you will not be able to resist the first one; But if you are in a hurry, don’t lose any detail to the second proposal because it is quick, simple and you don’t have to be very handy to achieve a great result.

DIY Kids Candy Advent Calendar

To make this calendar you need: 7 white or colored sheets, tape, a marker, wrapping paper (we have opted for red colored paper), a ribbon or thread, children’s scissors and a hanger. And 24 chocolates (multiplied by the number of children you have).

homemade advent calendar

The spirit of this Advent calendar is to share the preparations, do it as a family and reserve a moment of play around the passage of each day. We advise you to choose to do a kind of treasure hunt that mom or dad will have to prepare before the children arrive from school (something simple, that does not take you more than two minutes).

Each day, the children will open a candy (the one that appears with the number of the day) and they will find a message that says the place where the chocolate is hidden. For everything to work well, the first thing to do is a list with the place to hide the chocolates.

We split the folios by folding each one very well into four parts and pressing well with the nail on the folds so that it can be easily torn later without using scissors. In total, 24 quarter pages are needed.

Afterwards, the pieces are rolled up as if it were a parchment, holding it with a piece of tape and it is wrapped in the pinocho paper that folds very easily. On each candy, we paste the number of the day making a ring with tape and we tie a string. At one end, the candy, at the other, a hanger.

advent calendar for kids

The result is quite nice. Messy, but cute. It is not the most elegant thing in the world, but of course you will have a great time doing it and just as well looking for the treasures that await us.

Christmas calendar for children with photos

A faster and easier alternative, leaving aside the chocolate and taking advantage of the creativity of the children, is to create a calendar that each of, not chocolate, but a story.

With Hofmann’s retro development you can get 24 photos, a very cool cord, washi tape and even pins to hang the photos. You only need to add 24 envelopes of the color that you like the most (the order comes with a cardboard envelope that is closed with a very cool magnet to keep all the photos, so you can keep them there and even give them away after the 24th). In short, almost all the materials included to make a simple Advent calendar.

Reveal my photos

Attaching the cord to the wall with the washi tape from the kit and hanging the 24 photos numbered with the day of the month, it takes no more than 5 minutes to get it ready to start the countdown to December 25.

The first step is to find the photos and put a message on each one that can become the spirit of a story. In the design of retro photos there is a text space that you can fill in with the phrase you want, so it is very simple because you already receive everything at home ready to place. The rest, very simple and the result, very attractive!

Do you cheer up with these Christmas calendars?

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