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The wedding industry is undergoing a major transformation. The demands of the pandemic, with limited capacity and security measures, have forced many couples to change their approach.

The great celebrations have been parked; they impose small format weddings, with few guests and short ceremonies.

This imposition of intimate weddings has given the definitive support to the so-called microdewing. This type of celebration, now mandatory, was already making its way with force among young couples.

It is the preferred choice of millennials, who have little budget and flee from traditional celebrations, but also convince other sectors of the population.

There are mature grooms who are also looking for intimate weddings, who prefer to celebrate their love in a small committee.

But, what exactly is a microweding? How is it organized? Where can intimate weddings be held in Madrid? We are going to talk about all this.

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What is a micro wedding?

As its name suggests, a micro or intimate wedding is a celebration in small and the key element is the number of guests. If traditional weddings easily exceed a hundred attendees, in microweding they do not go beyond the 10 or 20 people.

They are small-scale weddings, which will allow to contain the budget and which will lead to greater freedom when organizing the event.

And what other elements define these celebrations?

• Flexibility

Traditional weddings are often characterized by rigidity. Everything is subject to strict timetables, protocols and conditions and there is little room for freedom and improvisation.

Intimate weddings quite escape that rigidity. Allow greater freedom in all aspects, from the choice of guests, to the spaces or the type of ceremony.

• Choice of space

The number of guests directly conditions the choice of spaces, both for the ceremony and for the subsequent celebration.

If the number of participants is very high, it will require large spaces, while for intimate weddings the requirement is less.

In fact, a micro wedding could take place anywhere, from a small hermitage, to a private garden, a beach or an outdoor area.

• Shorter ceremonies

Intimate wedding ceremonies are usually shorter. That is a great advantage for impatient guests and for celebrations with children.

The little ones do not stand still for too long, so short acts are preferable.

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• Greater informality

Intimate weddings give rise to more informality, both in the protocols and in the dress. No need to go to the nines, no ties or long suits are required.

The bride and groom are the ones who set the tone and can suggest comfortable clothes and more casual outfits. But there are weddings for all tastes.

They are also organized microwedings very formal, where guests wear exclusive garments designed for the occasion.

• Greater interaction

In traditional weddings, with a large number of guests, it is difficult for the bride and groom to interact with all the guests.

That does not happen in small format celebrations. The small number of participants favors communication and enhances the interaction between attendees.

• More relaxed atmosphere

In the big celebrations, the nerves are on the surface; there are many keys to play, many external factors are involved and everything has to be organized in a millimeter way.

Small weddings are lived in a more relaxed way and that is noticeable both in the wedding couple and in the guests.

• Less budget

Another characteristic of intimate weddings is given by the budget. Being small committee celebrations, the expense is much lower; there are fewer invitations and reminders, the number of diners is smaller and can be chosen more personalized menus, adapted to the tastes and pockets of the bride and groom.

Also expenses in decor they are minors. Placing flowers in a large church and a large restaurant is not the same as setting up a small chapel and a small dining room.

The decrease in the number of guests, with the corresponding reduction in the total budget, will lead to a new situation: choose based on quality.

With a small group of attendees, slightly more elaborate menus and decorations can be chosen without paying undue attention to price. These are the advantages of “cooking for the few”: you can spend more on ingredients, because the budget is not going to skyrocket.

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Ideas and tips for intimate weddings

You already know the advantages of getting married in a small committee; Now we are going to offer you some tips so that the celebration comes out to order.

1. Make a short and thoughtful guest list

Being an intimate ceremony, you are going to have to choose and that forces you to be very cautious.

Think of the people you really want by your side; Surely you are going to receive pressure, but it is your wedding and it is up to you to decide.

2. Choose a place with a special meaning for you

Your wedding day must be unique, so search freely and let yourself be carried away by the sensations. The world is full of small and cozy places to choose from and you will not have difficulties if you are accompanied by a small group of people.

Have you thought about organizing the wedding in a small hotel on the coast or in a rural house? Perhaps it is time to consider that possibility, because the budget is not going to skyrocket and the establishments are going to welcome you with open arms.

3. Plan the event well

Just because you organize a micro-wedding doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare. There is greater flexibility, but if we want everything to go well we will have to pay attention to all the details: reminders, music, photographers, menus, flowers.

Anticipate and schedule, but also leave a little place for improvisation because unforeseen events can always arise.

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4. Find the clothes that make you feel better

Small weddings allow licenses that are not usually conceived in large weddings, and that has a lot to do with dress. Choose a suit or a dress with which you feel really comfortable and if you want to wear informal clothes, you are in your right.

It’s not about wearing jeans, but if you feel like it, no one is going to stop you. Luckily, the fashion scene is so huge that you can find casual clothes with a touch of elegance and more serious pieces with casual details.

5. Wedding gifts? Of course.

As we said, you have to pay attention to the details and that starts with the invitations and reminders.

The market offers an infinity of articles that can be personalized; in HoffmanWithout going any further, there are original proposals for all budgets, which will leave a good memory for the participants.

You can even make them yourself with a little skill and imagination.

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6. Pay close attention to the items included in the budget.

If you are going to hire a restaurant or a catering service, thoroughly analyze the different options and do not leave any loose ends.

Surely there will be elements that you cannot control, but the more tied you have everything, the better. An important detail: leave everything in writing and don’t forget to talk about cancellation rights. If you are going to advance money, it is better to have everything under control.

7. Start the day together on the wedding day? Why not?

Tradition says that the bride and groom have to be apart the hours before the wedding, even the night before. But this is not a formal wedding, so do what you want.

If you want to start the day together and make all the preparations between the two of you, all the better. There will be more details to remember.

Where to celebrate intimate weddings in Madrid?

The Community of Madrid offers a multitude of spaces to celebrate an intimate wedding. Both the capital and the surroundings are full of special corners, where the couple can feel comfortable in the company of their loved ones.

Here you have 4 proposals. They are charming places suitable for large and small events, which have enormous experience in organizing weddings.

Hotel de las Letras in Madrid

In the heart of the capital there is an elegant and unique place that has already convinced hundreds of bride and groom. It is the Hotel de las Letras, a building from 1915 dedicated to literature and that will take you back to the time of Cervantes and Lope de Vega.

The event rooms are on the first floor and offer fantastic views of Madrid’s Gran Vía.

Fortuny Palace

This 19th century mansion, located very close to La Castellana, has a private garden, a disco and two restaurants.

There the Madrid elite meet to hold meetings. It offers live performances.

Real tapestry factory

It is an elegant and exclusive space, with a long experience in celebrations. The building is National Heritage and the gastronomy is in charge of the catering group Puchero de Plata.

Offers the ability to create custom menus.

Finca Monteviejo

On the road to Burgos, within the municipality of Molar, you will find this estate inspired by French castles.

Both the building and the gardens transport the guests to Provence. There are two spaces for weddings and they offer a traditional menu with avant-garde details.

The list of venues for celebrations is extensive and diversified. Whichever option is chosen, the important thing is to approach the event with enthusiasm and pay attention to details. It is going to be a very important day in your lives and that deserves love and dedication.

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