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At the end of the year you accumulate many photos with your family. Sometimes they end up being forgotten. To avoid this, we always recommend that you reveal your favorite family photos. But today we go further, and we give you some ideas to decorate your home with those photos.

Ideas to decorate with family photos

How to decorate the wall with photos of your family

Your children are probably your pride, so what better than to decorate your house with photos of them? Reveal your favorite photos of your children and look for different options. You can use a table or a shelf and place several photos in small frames to give a retro touch to a corner of your home. Another option that we really like is to dedicate a large wall in the living room to that special photo of the little ones. Choose within our extensions the size that best fits the available space and give that boring wall another look. You can use a black and white development to give it more homogeneity with the rest of the decoration. Thus, every time you sit on the sofa you can not help but smile when you see them. And everything that you will be able to show off with visits and friends’ meetings, eh? 😉

how to decorate your house with photos

Family Photograph Mural

Surely you have photos of your family trips that you would love to have in view of everyone to enjoy every time you pass by. An area like the hallway is perfect for displaying those family photos that you are so proud of. You can make a potpourri and combine photos of the entire family, with others of your children and landscapes. You also have the possibility to give it a more modern touch and, instead of using frames, select our choice of canvases to get a different finish and hang them directly on the wall. The arrangement of the photos will generate a lot of dynamism and you will get a bright and colorful canvas mural. And what is better, enjoy your favorite family photos.

Create my photo canvas

decorate house with photos

Family photos are always a good option to decorate your home. You just have to try the different options for developing or photo decoration that we offer you as acrylic painting, print it on wood…. unleash your creativity.

A photo printed on methacrylate

You can print a single photo on the material you like best: methacrylate, wood, fabric…. and make one with each member of the family. You just have to choose striking photos.

Once you have decided on the photo and the place to put them, we will show you some tricks to take fun family photos.

5 unique ideas to make the most original family photos

All your life you will remember Sundays at your grandparents’ house where you found all those black and white photos. Photos from the time of your mother made a tadpole in your grandmother’s arms, and in the frame next to your grandfather with the girl “on horseback.” There were also group photos of the whole family, one on top of the other, at a Sunday lunch, all wearing period hairstyles and dresses.

As is normal, seeing these photos has always awakened something inside you: your mother, grandparents, family, decorations … But,How about making a fun, unique and creative session with your family for future generations? Get ready, you will become the creative eminence of the family!

Keys to take original family photos

1 – Album cover

original family photos

For music lovers. How about recreating the famous scene from the Beatles album? It doesn’t have to be in Abbey Road, although if you are in London on vacation You can go visit this famous zebra crossing and recreate it in true London style.

2 – New family

original photos pregnant

Photos before pregnancy are the best memories to teach your child when he is older. We leave you this original idea to do before and after the great moment.

3 – With our best friend

original photos with dog
Source: Pinterest

Our pets are one of the family. Why not include them in our family photos? It is an unforgettable memory and surely you can think of many funny photos to take with them.

4 – jumping together

original ideas photos
Bend your knees, bend your body a little, take momentum and jump! In the pool, in the mountains, in the garden at home, in the living room, on top of the car … Another original family photo in which a serious face cannot appear, not even remotely!

5 – With kisses

original ideas photos
Source: Pinterest

When your parents showed a minimum of affection, you started to tremble. When a caress is already something, a kiss on the snout is too much. We are going to use the latter to take a different family photo, the kind that when they see in a few years they will laugh instead of being embarrassed.

Surely you can think of a thousand more ways, but to start filling your album Hofmann cool family, not bad at all. Share with us your original photos as a family, we are looking forward to seeing them!

Create my special decoration

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